Symptoms of Hepatitis C in Women

Hepatitis C is a fatal disease with the most common form of its transmitter being needles. Women who are highly likely to share needles with other people and sometimes, evens strangers compared with men. This is precisely why women are more likely than men to be infected with the hepatitis C virus. Also, women tend to increase the spread of the virus such as during pregnancy from mother to child and so on. Find out if you or your loved one is struggling with hepatitis C with the help of this guide on symptoms of hepatitis C in women.

Signs of Disease Progression:

Because hepatitis C is a-symptomatic, some indicators of the progression of the disease can bring one’s attention to its possible existence. Men are more likely to develop cirrhosis as well as liver damage with the progression of hepatitis C in the body. But, only four women out of over 1,000 developed cirrhosis after 20 years of suffering from chronic hepatitis C. This could be because of the presence of the female hormone called estrogen. Estrogen protects women from viruses.

Both men as well as women who have chronic hepatitis experience common symptoms like fatigue, joint or muscular pain, nausea, yellowing of skin and fever. Few common symptoms of hepatitis C include dark yellow urine, diarrhea, itchy skin and stomach pain.

Intensity of these Symptoms:

While both men and women have the same type of symptoms of hepatitis C, the intensity of each symptom may vary. Women suffering from hepatitis C tend to have milder symptoms compared with that of women and sometimes, experience the symptoms much later than men. Experts have it that about 25 percent of people successfully clear the virus from their bodies without needing treatment, meaning that they do not even realize if they were unwell in the first place. This, however, does not mean that patients can avoid seeking treatment despite diagnosis because the virus can escalate and cause even serious problems later. If there is any chance that you may have been affected by HCV, you must seek medical attention and prompt treatment.

Types of Treatment for HCV:

If you suspect that you have hepatitis C, your doctor will run a series of tests before he/she can recommend a treatment for the disease. These tests will check the liver enzyme levels, health of the liver and viral load. The treatment may be delayed if your liver is in a good condition and the level of infection is low. This is usually done because a lot of the hepatitis C viruses have side-effects. Some of these side-effects in women may include depression, circulation issues and immune system problems.

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Few Home Remedies for Emergencies


There are plenty of home treatments that can be impactful in an emergency. First Aid is the temporary help provided to an injured or a sick person before professional medical treatment is arranged. First aid kits and medicines come handy in such circumstances and in fact there can be something even better and that is nothing but a home remedy which has its own advantages.

Children are prone to minor injuries, cuts, bruises, cold, cough, skin problems and many more. You can look after yourself and take precautions however everything fails sooner or later when it comes to children. They may bring home bruises even when you are not expecting them. So you must always stay prepared for such emergencies as much as you want to avoid them.

It is always there in the comfort of your home and you need not visit a drug store in a hurry whenever an emergency arises. Moreover it is an impactful and economic option. All you need to do is to know about such home remedies so that you rapidly and conveniently use the right remedy at the right time. There are few really simple home remedies that can fix these ailments. Below are few home remedies all parents should know.

Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is a warehouse of healing properties and can be very impactful in treating your child cold. The spice has been long used for its medical benefits and drinking turmeric mixed in warm milk can be greatly impactful and provide quick relief to your child.

Lemon Juice

Nothing can be more irritating for your child than motion sickness and when you got your child suffering from motion sickness? No need to be panic just as yet and ask your children to suck on some lemons to soothe the uneasy feeling and sickness. Motion sickness usually happens due to the large production of saliva and sucking lemon helps dry out the mouth and help curbing motion sickness.


The great part with honey is that most kids just love it. It is one of the perfect natural remedy to help treat sore throat. Even ayurveda recommends spoonful of honey to fight off the germs which caused sore throat and your kids are not going to complain about it anymore.


Sugar soothes the nerve muscles that cause the diaphragm to contract and spasm therefore stopping the hiccups. So the next time your kid suffers hiccup attack, just give him/her a spoonful of sugar.


Adding oatmeal to your kid bath will help treat itchy skin and this remedy is tremendously useful when your kid contracts chicken pox. Chicken pox causes your child to get restlessness and cranky because of the itchy pox but nothing can be done about it. An oatmeal bath can provide rapid relief to your child during chickenpox.

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Health Benefits of Eating Grapes

Grapes are one of the most popular fruits in the world, rich in flavour and texture, Grapes are almost everyone’s favourite and are often called “The Queen of Fruits” in various cultures in the world. Grapes have numerous health benefits and are a good source of iron and potassium. The red and purple grapes contain the highest amount of healthy components. Grapes can also be used to make wine, jelly or grape seed oil. Grapes are a good source of fiber, potassium, and a range of vitamins and other minerals. Grapes are suitable for people with diabetes, as long as they are accounted for in the diet plan. Present in grapes are very beneficial for our body and its vital organs.

Health benefits of grapes:

Prevent Diabetes:

Contrary to the popular belief that grapes elevate the blood sugar levels and also increase insulin levels, it does not. In fact, grapes are a great source of preventing the development of Type 2 diabetes because it has low insulin response rate.

Healthy Bones:

According to a report by the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, the natural components found in grapes may help protect bone health. Also, another study suggests that grapes can help people with symptomatic osteoarthritis. Grapes contain polyphenols that contain high antioxidants – can help improve the flexibility and mobility of joints.


A study conducted by the University of Miami, US has revealed that eating grapes could reduce the risk of going blind later in life. They are rich in antioxidants that help protect the healthy cells from DNA damage. Grapes protect the retina from oxidative stress (a chemical process that releases free radicals into the retina).

Kidney Disease:

Grapes help in eliminating uric acid from the system, thus reducing the pressure on kidneys. Also, the fruit is rich in phenolic and proanthocyanidins, which help strengthen the kidneys. Grapes also improve blood circulation and purify the bloodstream of toxins and optimize the kidney function.

Heart Health:

Grapes increase the nitric oxide levels in the blood, which help prevent blood clots. Therefore, grapes are tremendous way to reduce the chances of heart attacks. Moreover, the antioxidants present in grapes prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which blocks the blood vessels and is the main contributor to various coronary conditions.

Alzheimer’s disease:

Resveratrol is a beneficial polyphenol present in grapes. It reduces the levels of amyloidal-beta peptides in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Studies suggest that grapes can enhance brain health and delay the onset of degenerative neural diseases.

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Home Remedies to Cure Problem of Excessive Sweating

Sweating is already great troublesome issue and just imagine it when few people sweat excessive compared to other people. Yes, few people sweat excessively and more than as compared to others. First of all, let us learn why people sweat in the first place and we have thousands of sweat creating glands and eccrine glands that generate sweat when the body temperature goes up.  The nervous system stimulates the eccrine glad to generate sweat and sweat glands can also get stimulated by hormonal changes, stress, anxiety or fear. Now, the amount of sweat entirely depends on plenty of factors like genes, age and fitness level.

In case you are sweating faster and more often compared to others then you are healthier and more fit than others because fit people sweat easier than unfit people as their body heats up early and therefore the nervous system stimulate the sweat glands to create more sweat.

Below are few home remedies for excessive sweat that can help you cure the problem of excessive sweat.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can help you balance the pH level of your body if consumed while the astringent like properties of apple cider vinegar can help control sweating.

  • Mix two parts of apple cider vinegar and one part honey to a glass of water and have it daily. One glass is enough to balance out the pH levels of your body.
  • You can add two tablespoons to your bathing water and bathe with it or you can also apply some apple cider vinegar on your face with a cotton ball before going to bed. Bathing with vinegar will help you for the body sweat. (armpits, elbow folds, and other body parts from where you sweat).


Due to having alkaline behavior potatoes can help balance the pH level of body while the low acidic compound can cure excessive sweating.

  • You can apply slice of potato on the affected area and then wash off with cold water after sometime.
  • You can extract some potato juice and apply it on the affected area with a cotton ball.

Green Tea or Black Tea

Green tea and black tea has astringent properties when applied directly onto the skin.

  • Boil some tea bags in water. Add this water in a bucket full of water and bathe with it. Regular doing this will help you get rid of excessive of sweat.
  • You can make ice cubes of black or green tea, just don’t add sugar and rub those cubes on your face.

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Benefits of Ayurveda for Eyesight

As per Ayurveda the main reason for your failing eyesight is habitual suppression or improper evacuation of your bowels as well as chronic cold and congestion. Therefore, the Ayurvedic treatment that you will face will focus on these areas. But the most important thing that you must remember is that your eye needs to be taken care of and therefore you need to wash your eyes everyday. The age old Indian remedy that makes use of herbs and other natural products for treating ailments can also be used to improve eyesight.


It is the tremendous antioxidant derived from French maritime pine tree bark has the ability to reduce leakage into the retina by repairing capillaries in your eyes. It is a leading prescription for diabetic retinopathy in France and is perfect herb for better eyesight.


This has been used since a very long time in Ayurveda to treat glaucoma. It tends to lower the intrarocular pressure through parasympathetic relaxation of your body. Triphala should be very good for those on the verge of getting glaucoma.


A very common kitchen spice which allows the curry to look yellow in colour. This can work wonders for your eye problem, which includes the serious cataracts. In a study the researcher suggested that saffron may be holding the key to preventing the loss of eyesight in the elderly. This definitely sounds very promising!


The primary component of milk thistle, Silynmarin is something that is a major support for your liver. Yes, your liver is the key organ for your eye and all the fat soluble vitamins and glutathione which is stored there and the B vitamins get activated. Your eye then gets subjected to bright light and all those ingredients for repair gets stored in the liver.


This herb is high on bioflavonoid which actually speeds up the process of regeneration of rhodospin which is a purple pigment used by your eyes’ rods. An interesting fact is that British air force pilots in World War II used to eat Bilberry jam to improve their night vision during their evening action!

Gingko Biloba:

This has been in use for many centuries for the eye and the central nervous system. This herb is a selective cerebo-vascular dilator which seems to increase the circulation to the back of your eye and also increase the blood flow to the eye. All in all, it is healthy for your eye!


Here we have an ayurvedic herb which grows in the rainforest! The herb has been in use for over 100 years now for patients with glaucoma, and it contains pilocarpine which helps with the constriction of your pupils and also reduces the pressure within your eye.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine


Migraine is diagnosed in Ayurveda in plenty of ways. The Ayurvedic remedies for migraine are applied based on the method of diagnosis in which the nervous system and brain function of person is considered to be controlled by one of the three body humours called Vata. Imbalance in the Vata leads to problems such as migraine and other type of headaches. The usual causes of this condition are considered to be poor metabolism, mental and physical stress, long hours in front of the television, reading with inadequate light and insomnia.

Ayurvedic treatment for migraine is Panchkarma therapies, prepurification therapies, Purification therapies, diet regulations and lifestyle changes. The Ayurvedic remedies for migraine are below:

  • The pre-purification techniques are used to get the body ready to flush out toxins by opening up circulation channels. Sirodhara is one such method in which medicated milk, medicated buttermilk and herbal are poured on the forehead for 45 minutes. Usually the ingredients used in this method are gooseberry and sandalwood. It gives temporary and permanent relief from the pain. Another procedure of pouring Amaltas, nut grass tuber and staff tree are also used and it is known as Thakradhara. This is ongoing procedure.
  • The main purification techniques in Ayurveda for treatment of Migraine are Nasyam and Virechanam. In the former, medicated oil is passed through the nose to remove excessive of humours that are jamming up the nose and head. Sarsaparilla, nut grass tuber and are the ingredients used in the process and it is useful in improving circulation of blood, eliminating stretching of nerves or inflammatory pains experienced in the head. Virechanam is the purging technique oral intake of Ayurvedic medicines is done.
  • You should try out several oral Ayurvedic medications that are recommended after the Panchkarma procedures but you should try them even if you cannot find time for the treatment procedures mentioned above. Kashayam and Lehayam prescriptions by your Ayurvedic practitioner help to remove your condition of Vata imbalance. You can depend on these for long term benefits, i.e. respite from future occurrences of headaches which is a unique characteristic of Ayurveda and other holistic treatment therapies.
  • The last but important aspect of Ayurveda treatment for migraine is the recommended changes in lifestyle. Start taking cooked vegetables without oil, vegetable juices, fruits like mango and apple, juices, rice, salad and buttermilk and more. The Ayurvedic remedies for migraine are very effective but to enjoy their complete benefits, it is advisable to give up unhealthy habits especially those of eating. Old fermenting cheese, some kind of nuts, chocolate and foods that have MSG (monosodium glutamate) or nitrates can only increase the chances of migraine or headache and so will undue stress or anxiety.

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Manage Your High Blood Pressure with Ayurveda

Also known as the ‘silent killer’ high blood pressure afflicts millions around the globe. High blood pressure is the result of the increase of the arterial blood pressure. It causes the heart to pump blood into the arteries at a faster rate and is detrimental to the person’s overall health. High blood pressure requires a calculated approach of treatment and ayurvedic treatment for high BP does the same.

In Ayurveda, high blood pressure is the result of imbalance in two doshas and these doshas are pitta and vata. High blood pressure is also referred as rakta cappa vriddhi. Ayurvedic cure for high BP aims at balancing these doshas and sometime an imbalance in kapha as well can lead to high BP.

Ayurvedic Medicines

There are plenty of herbs recommended by ayurvedic professionals that help in alleviating the symptoms of hypertension and also protect the organs of the body.

  1. Gokshura (tribulus terrestris) is a diuretic and an ACE inhibitor. It has been used for treating plenty of health conditions and is known to reduce symptoms related to high BP.
  2. Rauwolfia serpentine which is popularly referred as sarpagnadha and is another herb that is extensively used to treat high BP.
  3. Gulkand is known to have a soothing and calming impact on the body and mind. It also uplifts the mood and helps in keeping tension away. It is popularly known as rose petal jam.

Ayurvedic Diet

  • Ayurveda recommends few alterations in the diet of person with high BP so that the errant doshas can be rebalanced and it includes staying away from irritants and imbibing those elements that help the body in achieving a state of equilibrium.
  • Consuming vegetarian diet is the tremendous way to reduce high BP. The diet must include few vegetables such as parsley, bitter gourd, drumsticks and garlic. Fruits perfect for a high blood pressure reducing diet are grapes, bananas, watermelons and guavas.
  • Dairy products such as cottage cheese, butter and milk are perfect additions to an ayurvedic diet that is beneficial for the cure of high BP.
  • It is recommended to reduce the intake of caffeine which is actively found in items such as coffee. Caffeine further irritates the system and it also causes the blood pressure to go high.
  • The intake of salt in the diet has to be reduced along with a reduction in the amount of cereals and pulses that are consumed by high BP patient.
  • Red meat and eggs must be avoided when one is trying to balance the doshas and reduce the incidence of high blood pressure attacks.

Other Important Things

  • Exercise and yoga on daily basis helps in keeping the body and mind healthy and it also reduces tension. All these add to the wellness of the body and also keep disease away.
  • Yoga and meditation are recommended by ayurveda to balance the mind and reduce stress.
  • Simple breathing exercises when feeling stressed or tensed can benefit a lot in keeping blood pressure in control.

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Few Benefits of Pomegranate for Skin


Pomegranate has been in medicinal use for a long time now and use pomegranate in order to cure plenty of diseases which include arthritis, circulatory disorders, digestive problems and infections. It is now being used for benefiting the skin and is therefore used for manufacturing cosmetic products too. Therefore, you can eat pomegranate and get benefited from it but to achieve its skin care properties you can apply it on your skin.

Benefits of pomegranate for skin

For acne

The acne that you get is generally the result of digestive problems or hormonal imbalance and here pomegranate comes to your rescue. The fruit helps in acne prevention by destroying its root and it actually corrects digestive problems and therefore promotes healthy blood circulation in your body. You can also apply pomegranate juice on the areas affected by pimples as it might help. Your acne and scars can be prevented while pomegranate generates tissues in the affected area.

For anti ageing

The juice of pomegranate is tremendous for your skin that is damaged due to sun exposure or aging. Pomegranate repairs the damage and provides you smooth and attractive skin and extends the life of your fibroblasts. These are the cells that are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin which pump up the skin and render it elasticity and so this will keep your skin youthful and minimizes the visibility of the wrinkles.

Healing cuts and scraps

The seeds of pomegranate fruit contain tremendous healing properties that can promote rapid healing of your wound in case of cuts and scrapes. It also helps you in fighting infection, moreover, it does not leave a scar or mark on the skin after healing.

For dry skin

Pomegranate is tremendous ingredient for skin care and this is because of its small molecular structure that allows it to penetrate deeply into the skin. This remedy works for skin types and is dependent on the skin care ingredients pomegranate is combined with. Now the pomegranate oil penetrates deeply into the skin and is tremendous for treating your dry skin. Pomegranate has the ability to soothe dry, cracked and irritated skin as it contains punicic acid which is an omega 5 fatty acid which hydrates and prevents moisture loss.

Oily skin

The oil that one finds in pomegranate fruit can even work on your oily skin and the use of this fruit has been found to be very effective in skin care products for acne prone skin. It is perfect for you to combat breakouts and to reduce scarring and soothing the minor irritations.

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Foods that can make you Stink


1) Coffee

Your beloved morning beverage, coffee, contains caffeine that stimulates the central nervous system, causing your sweat glands to emit odour.  As you may know, coffee is highly acidic in nature and thus, dries mouth out.  Lack of saliva causes bacterial growth, creating bad breath. If you are an avid coffee drinker, you must brush your teeth each time after drinking coffee or at least twice a day every day to prevent the bad odour.

2) Fiber-rich foods

We have been told that fiber-rich diets provide energy and keep us full for long. But, did you know that eating too much of fibrous foods can make you smell bad? Yes, consumption of more than 5 grams of fibre before workouts can make you sweat more and as a result, you make you stink more. High fibrous foods contain gases, such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane. These are released in the large intestine during digestion, giving rise to flatulence.

3) Garlic

Garlic contains allicin which is responsible for causing your skin to produce a repelling odour. Allicin breaks down rapidly after consumption and gets converted into other substances that cause bacteria and later mixing with sweat giving rise to a strong odour.

4) Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli are sulfur-rich foods packed with nutrients and antioxidants. They are not only healthy for your body, but can also make you stinky. The high sulfur content in these foods may trigger rotten egg-like smell.

5) Onions

Onions have a distinct odour of their own. The odour is so strong that even after onions are digested, the extracts get into your lungs through the bloodstream and cause foul breath. Eat only a few onions if you want to minimise the odour.

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Ayurvedic Herbs Can Help you have Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Dust, pollution, unhealthy diet, poor lifestyle and little good old ignorance is what keeps us away from having the hair we always wish for. Who does not want good hair which is beautiful, shiny and healthy? Good looks are incomplete without a head full of some perfect hair. Whether you are a guy or a girl, good hair tops your list when it comes to good looks. However, good hair is not an easy thing to get. And the kind of lifestyle we have, getting good hair is next to impossible.

We suffer from hair-fall, dandruff, hair thinning, hair graying and so many other hair problems, and it is not like we are not trying to fix these hair troubles but the only problem is that none of it seems to be working. No matter what shampoo you use, no matter what conditioner you go for, it all falls flat.

However, we all know that when all fails nature comes to the picture. Yes, nature generally has answers to all our hair problems. Below are five natural herbs that can help you cure almost all your hair problems.


For hair loss and alopecia

The antibacterial and antioxidants present in saffron are very impactful to combat the hair fall or loss problem. You can directly apply it to your scalp as a hair mask and see the difference in 2-3 applications.

Saffron mask for hair

Soak the saffron overnight in milk. Add some liquorice powder in it. Mix well and apply as a hair mask. Wash off with some warm water after some minutes.


For hair graying and itchy scalp

Henna is one of the popular herbs that not only covers the grey hair but also provides perfect shine and volume to hair.

Henna mask for hair

Make a paste of water and henna and leave the paste overnight and then apply it next morning for 30 minutes and wash off with warm water.


For dull hair and dandruff

You can wash your hair with reetha water instead of shampoo and the anti bacterial property can help you have a clean scalp.

Reetha wash for hair

Just boil reetha in some water and rinse your hair with it. Let the reetha water sit on your scalp for about 10 to 20 minutes and then wash it with clean water. For perfect results, do it every alternate day.

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