Aroma Therapy is a Form of Alternative Medicine


Aroma therapy is the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. It unifies an individual innate healing process. This is a form of alternative medicine which uses Volatile Plant Oils including Essential Oils for physiological and physical well being. Inhalation of essential oils into the lungs provides physiological and physical benefits both through massage of essential oil, it can be absorbed into blood stream. At Lavanya, essential oils are used for massage and inhalation (Nasya) purposes i.e. external as well as internal applications.

The concept of aromatherapy:-

  • Aromatherapy is a commonly known relaxation treatment that uses essential oils extracted from flowers, seeds, barks, herbs and roots. It helps in improving our health, mood and mind.
  • Understand that treatment is centered on the administration of pure essential oils.
  • Aromatherapy means more than “smelling something to feel good.”

Aroma therapy for weight loss:-

Aromatherapy for weight loss uses various essential oils, which have great health benefits and help you lose weight.

Essential oils:-

Aromatherapy essential oils undoubtedly have the potential to treat or ease many different conditions. They are widely used in a variety of ways to treat skin, muscle and joint problems, respiratory conditions, digestive, nervous disorders as well as the immune system. Essential oils have certainly established their place as important health products.

  • Used in aromatherapy to sharpen the senses and to temper depression, fear, anger and jealousy.
  • It helps fight depression and relaxes both the body and soul.
  • It can activate the romance within couples and can improve sexual life as well.
  • It is also a health booster for the nervous system.
  • There are around 90 essential oils which are discovered for the purpose of massage.

To use: It is recommended to apply several drops in your hand or in a towel and then inhale it for few seconds. You can also a diffuser for this.

Guidelines in using essential oils for aromatherapy:-

  • The oils used in aromatherapy are not safe for everyone.
  • Also do some researches before you shop for essential oils?
  • Brush up on all the ways you can use aromatherapy.
  • Aromatherapy might not work for you.

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