Ayurvedic Cure for Sciatica

Sciatica is not a disease but it is a degenerative syndrome of leg pain. It is very strong pain felt in thighs that starts from the lower back to the entire leg. Sciatica is known as ‘grudhrasi’ in ayurveda. Sciatica (kAyurveda for sciaticanown as Gridhrasi) is a common ailment that some people suffer as they reach their late thirties. The problem usually occurs from the lower back all the way down the leg. Sciatica can become a very painful condition, with pain shooting up and down all along the sciatica nerve, affecting the buttock, thigh, calf and foot area of one side of the body and in some rare cases, both sides. Various effective treatments for sciatica exist in the ancient medicinal tradition of ayurveda.

Sciatica symptoms:

The earliest symptom is the pain felt in lower back, thighs and leg upto foot. Other common symptoms are,

  • Difficulty in lifting of legs,
  • Hip pain
  • Huge pain in thighs,
  • Troubles in walking,
  • Unable to move leg and pain while moving a bit,
  • Numbness and weakness in leg,
  • Constant pain in buttocks
  • Feeling too tired
  • Energy loss

Home Remedies:

Ayurveda provides some internal and external medications to be free of pain caused by Sciatica.

    Internal Medication:

Ashtavargam, Maharaasnaadhi Kashayam, Sagajaraadhi Kashayam can be taken internally. The dosages are given in the outer label of the decoction container. Above stated decoctions are widely available in all ayurvedic shops and free of side effects.

    External Medication:

Mahanaraayana thailam, Sagajaraadhi thailam, Dhanvanthram are the oils that can be applied on the pain area externally.


Ayurveda is fast becoming a buzzword in modern medicine for its use of completely naturally occurring substances for curative purposes. This usually has none or negligible side effects and provides a useful method of alternative therapy. Several ayurveda practitioners have cured sciatica purely based on the ancient ayurvedic texts.

While bed rest is one of the most highly recommended ways to ease the pain of sciatica, some other remedies are also suggested. According to some ayurveda scholars applying paste of tamarind that has been soaked in salt water, churned, filtered and boiled to form a paste like consistency to the affected leg is a very effective cure for the ailment. Patients are also usually advised to consume carbohydrates, foods that are rich in fibre, vegetables, and fruits. They are instructed to keep away from sour foods like curd, beans and other pulses, potatoes and fried foods. Few prescribed herbs for external application are nutmeg, juniper, chamomile, vanda orchid, guggulu and aloe vera.

Yoga is also a part of any ayurvedic treatment plan. While heavy exercises are not recommended for sciatica, light walking and swimming in luke warm water are recommended to ease the pain of sciatica.

All ayurvedic treatments must be carried out only under the care of a qualified professional and self medication should be avoided. This is because every patient is different and the treatment for every individual is crafter for the specific needs of that particular individual’s body. We suggest that you use this article as a learning tool, but before adopting any of these remedies, do consult your ayurvedic practitioner.

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