Daiv Vyapashraya Chikitsa


Spiritual, literally “celestial” therapy is applied to diseases that are neither purely physical nor psychological and whose formation cannot be explained from evident causes. It consists of various subtle, religious or occult methods to ward off negative influences and to promote those which are positive. Such methods include chanting mantras, the spiritual use of herbs and gems, rituals for giving good fortune (Man gala), offerings of oblations (Bali), offerings in general (Upahara), fasting (Upavasa), pilgrimages (Gamana), performance of prostrations (Pranipata), fire sacrifices (Homa), ceremonial penances (Prayaschitta), and rituals for well-being (Swastyayana).

This therapy is found not only in Ayurveda but also in the tradition of Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) as well as in various yogic approaches, particularly teachings of the tantric order. Much of it is considered to be magical in nature but it has its logic for countering negative karmic patterns. With these three different types of therapies, Ayurveda provides diverse methods and approaches for dealing with all possible difficulties in health and well-being.


It is based on hymns (Mantras) and worshiping Various Deities/Devtas. Zodiac signs (Rashis) Astrological Signs (Nakshatra) etc. For Daiv- Vyapashray, Agnikundas to perform different Yagya, Havan, Poojan and Grah Shanti are founded to perform various rituals. A team of highly qualified Pandits is engaged to conduct the holy task of Graha Shanti which

helps in early curing the disease Cancer and to induce the feeling of well being.


At the time of admission of patients in IPD, this section prepares the Kundali (Horoscope) to determine the positions of various Rashis (Zodiac Signs) so that predictions may be made about the role of these Zodiac Signs in causing the disease (Cancer). The team of Pandits, than apply pacifying Poojan methods

in respect of aggravated Zodiac Signs. This not only gives a moral as well as the spiritual support to the patient.

The Poojan includes Yagya, Havan (Fumigation), Daan (Donation), Jap of Mantras (Chanting of Hymns) and use of Gems (Ratna) etc. This section also arranges use of various herbs based on Nakshatras (Astrological Signs) and Dhoopan

(Fumigation of these herbs) to purify the hospital campus i.e. IPD as well as OPD and other departments of the hospital.

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