Cleanse the body with Ayurveda

Ayurveda considers that it is the accumulation of toxins that leads to ailments or injuries. Therefore, it is vital to clean the body to enhance life or health. This process is known as Panchakarma and is normally performed with the change of seasons. Spring is generally considered the perfect time to remove the toxins by this method.  To do cleansing with ayurveda, full Panchakarma should be performed under the guidance of an Ayurvedic consultant.

There are mainly three stages of a Panchakarma cleanse:

  • Purva Karma

The Initial stage: This phase involves modification in your daily diet and routine to prepare your mind and body for the release of toxins and negative energy.  Couple of weeks prior to the cleansing certain foods such as dairy products and stimulants such as tea and coffee need to be cut out from your daily diet. Follow a diet that mainly consists of whole grains and vegetables. Baking and steaming are preferred over cooking. Even fruits should be lightly baked or steamed. The body is massaged with warm oil to unwind the toxins present in the tissues.

Following the change in diet, the mind is prepared through meditation and some private moments. To do cleaning with Ayurveda, the primary aim is to get rid of negative thoughts and energy present in the body.

  • Panchakarma

The Purification stage: Through various techniques such as fasting, cleaning herbs, chanting, yoga and breathing, the toxins and negative energy are removed from the body. Warm water and herbal teas are a must throughout the cleansing process. Abhayanga, which is an ayurvedic massage, loosens the deeply embedded toxins for elimination. Shirodhara, a procedure in which a stream of warm oil is poured on your forehead, is wonderful for calming the mind and nervous system. Three meals are eaten during the day, with the afternoon meal being the heaviest. Enemas and laxatives are also employed in order to remove the toxins from the digestive system. Vitamin and mineral supplements are recommended to maintain perfect levels in the body. It is best to retire to bed early and ruse early. You must exercise daily in the mornings. This increases you intake of oxygen and helps to flush out toxins.

  • Rasayana

The Rejuvenation Stage: Under this stage, healing herbs and high quality foods are consumed to rejuvenate the body system. You return to the simple diet that you followed in the first stage. Eat whole grains and drink enough water. This phase puts lot of importance on the cleansing of the mind through meditation as the body has already been healed by now. This can be an emotional time for people undergoing the process, so you must take time off work during this stage.

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