Energy Scanner: Know About It


Aura Scanner is a scientific device which is capable of detecting and measuring the aura of a person or object. As per ayurveda, it simply means more than just having high energy levels. With the help of scanner the quantity of negative energies like Geopathic Stress, Negative Ultra violet, Negative Infra Red and Dangerous energy can be easily measured which may affect the Aura of a person and also health and state of mind as well. Geopathic Stress means suffering from earth which causes stress in the form of illness. In Geopathic stress areas, the frequency of electromagnetic field is high enough.

All your organs would spill out onto the ground and your veins and arteries would sag and bulge. You would be defenseless against dirt, germs and viruses too. And, perhaps worst of all, you would look pretty frightening! Your skin is greatly efficient protective layer between you and the external world and it holds all of your organs in place, it shields you and it filters out foreign matter that could be dangerous or irritating to your inner organs.

Same as physical skin the aura should be cleansed and is permeated with natural disease fighting chemistry and it hosts the sensory communications of the nervous system.

This second skin is the boundary between your personal energy system and the energy of your environment; an illuminated wrap of life force medicine and a subtle nervous system receiving and sending energy messages. This energy skin is your aura. Every living being has an aura.

The Aura is formed by subtle colour radiances that surround the body of a human being and these radiances can be perceived by a psychic. Each colour signifies certain vibration which has separate meanings.

The Aura, which is connected with the activity of the chakra reflects the individual state of consciousness. Under these circumstances, the colours of the Aura provide us information about the quality of consciousness as well as emotions, thoughts, abilities and the vital energies of a person.

Aura scanner is especially effective in diagnosing a person problem and scans the aura. It involves a pair of L Shaped instruments which are to be held together upright. Switch on the instrument and put a particular sample. Each person has an aura and every person aura has 7 basic colours. Each human body has 7 main chakras or energy centres in the body. By using this device, we can identify which colour is depleted how much in a person body. If any colour is depleted more than 50 percent in the body that means the person is moving towards a serious sickness and also implies an urgent treatment should be undertaken. Scanner is scientific instrument and provides accurate results which clears out any doubt that the healer or practitioner may have. Whenever the diagnosis is over, the therapy becomes easy for the therapist. The aura kit includes Colour samples, Chakra samples, samples for negative and positive energy, Geopathic stress sample, 9 Planets samples, Vastu samples, Samples for checking ghost energies, allergies and compatibility.

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