Health Monitoring System (H.M.S.)


Through electro meridian censor we measure the vital energy i.e. energy of the Chakras. It is felt to permeate all thing through Meridian located in the body. It can be described as stagnant, depleted, collapsed or rebellious. Using the theory of Meridians the Computer records the microbial waves released by the Meridian points. This information is uploaded to a comprehensive database for analysis. After analyzing and correlating the information, the report is generated. By HMS we are able to diagnose the pre diseased condition of vital organs as well as the tendency of disease, where diagnosis by radiological techniques (USG, CT scan etc.) may not be possible.

IT is very common practice that ayurvedic doctors offer ayurvedic treatment but they diagnose the disease on modern parameters by using pathological, biochemical and radiological reports. The use of these techniques is not wrong in itself but so far as ayurvedic treatment is concerned, it is formulated by combining herbs, metals and minerals like natural substances which are panchbhautik in their original nature. The human body, its temperament, physical and mental constitution are also panch-bhautik. As such the use of natural substances for human body should be finalised on the basis of ayurvedic principles.

The results of Ayurvedic diagnostic methods, which are normally eight-fold, viz pulse, urine, excreta, tongue, hearing power or resonance, touch, eye, appearance, may be compared and wetted by modern technological advancements. Dr VP Trivedi, Director, Lavanya, informs that Lavanya’s Hi-Tech City OPD has integrated Ayurvedic diagnostic parameters with modern technologies. Health Monitoring System (HMS) is a highly effective method to scan different systems in the body, its meridians and physical as well mental faculties. In view of its results, the cost of getting the whole body scan is quite nominal (Rs 700). Likewise the determination of Prakriti – the genetic temperament, is also assessed in the OPD which can define the behavioural characteristics of human being which are formed as the time of birth of a child. The Prakriti leads all the activities of human being. And, when there is a derailment due to some exogenous or endogenous cause, the Vikriti ((physio-pathology) takes place which results in the form of a disease.

The assessment of Prakriti and Vikriti with the help of specially designed software is a unique activity in Hi-Tech OPD. HMS is a unique electromagnetic device which is believed will be able to predict possible illness in the near future.

At Lavanya’s Hi-Tech City OPD, Aura-imaging is another electro-magnetic equipment which gives photographic images of aura of different parts or human body, by which one can know the intensity of any disease inside the body.

Such scientific equipments are not available in any local hospital through which such diagnosis can be made. Assessment of geo-pathic stress by a nuclear device helps in determining accuracy the treatment, medicines, their doses, formulations, favourable and unfavourable items and various combinations. It helps the patients attending Lavanya’s Hi-Tech City OPD, to get c o m p l e t e and early relief from their diseases.

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