Health Tips: Things You Should Never Lie to Your Doctor About

Your health should be your priority. Being healthy and fit does not mean that you have to spend hours at the gym or go on a strict diet. It is about what you should or shouldn’t do to remain healthy – one of these tips includes ‘not lying to your doctor’. Here are some of the things you shouldn’t be lying to your doctor about:


Age is a factor that bothers some people, especially those who are approaching middle age. You do not need to lie about your age to your doctor as your doctor’s cabin is like a safe space for you to talk about your problems. Lying to your doctor will not benefit you in any way. If you lie about your age and your doctor finds out, he might not be able to trust you with the other information that you will provide. Lying about your age might lead to a wrong diagnosis and the idea of the disease can be misconstrued.

Food Intake

Have you been trying to lose those extra kilos? Is the plan not working out for you? And now you must visit a doctor for an expert approach on the subject, but the dilemma of talking about the food intake is taking over. Well, as much as you would hate to hear this but it is important for you to tell your doctor about what you have eaten and what you eat on a regular basis. If you will be untruthful, your doctor would not be able to help you. Instead of feeling shameful about the cravings and not exercising for a long time, tell your doctor everything truthfully, so that he could advise you accordingly and appropriately.

Mental Issues

Although people are more aware of mental issues today, there is a certain kind of hesitation and embarrassment that stops people from discussing the subject openly. Mental health problems are best solved when discussed with a professional in the most honest way. Being anxious, depressed, bulimic, anorexic, etc. are some of the common mental health issues, which could easily become a major health problem. An expert would understand your inner struggles better and would be able to help you in the best possible way. An honest discussion will unburden the mind of its complexities and you will successfully overcome the problems you have been facing with the help of your doctor.

Smoking/ Drinking Habits

Since both drinking and smoking are injurious to health, you would prefer not to tell your doctor the truth about how much you smoke or drink in a day for obvious reasons – the doctor would ask you to cut out both the dangerous habits. You need to tell the truth about your lifestyle habits, otherwise, they may become a hurdle if you ever need a surgery. It might even prove detrimental and lead to permanent damages if you lie about it and your doctor continues with a certain surgery that may require your insides to stay normal. If you have a history of alcohol abuse or chain-smoking, better tell your doctor soon before it’s too late.

Have you had an Abortion?

It is completely a woman’s personal choice to have an abortion or not. We get it, it isn’t the easiest of subjects to talk about, but you have to tell your doctor the truth for your own benefit. At the time of an abortion, the uterus becomes open to damages and there could be some scar tissues as well.

For future pregnancies, you need to consult a doctor and give him your complete medical history so that he can evaluate your situation. If your doctor has a full understanding of your condition, he will offer you a better health plan and proper medications keeping in mind the situation.

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