How Ayurveda Helps In Skin Care

Ayuvedic treatments work by bringing below principles back into balance. Before we initiate it is vital to determine the Ayurverdic skin types:-

Vata skin tends to be darker, dry and has a tendency of being rough. Cool to the touch and often thin, this skin type is likely to experience excessive flakiness, dryness and eczema when in stress.

Pitta skin is soft, oily, fair to pale and has a warm complexion. Medium thick, this type of skin is more prone to acne, brashes and sores when you experience an imbalance.

Kapha skin type that is thick, oily, typically very light and cool to the touch. Kapha skin shows enlarged pores, blackheads and water retention in the process of imbalance.

With this understanding, let’s explore Ayurvedic rituals that work on delivering beauty. Here are three areas of life where listening to your dosha and taking action to correct any imbalances is crucial to the quality of your skin:

  1. Diet

Food and water forms the core of nourishment for your skin, so you need to eat well and eat for your type. Its obvious, but Ayurveda recommends that you should eat by acknowledging the body’s natural triggers of thirst and hunger.

The quantity of your consumption at a time is also important. Ayurveda recommends that your stomach must be filled with food, water and air at mealtime with an emphasis of fresh foods. The basic concept in ayurveda is that incompatible food creates toxins in your body which in turn creates imbalance in your basic doshas.

Some of the best foods to correct imbalances in your dosha:

    Vata: Avoid dried fruits, apples, melons, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, beef and peas and eat avocados, sweet fruits, cherries and oranges on regular basis.

    Pitta: Avoid tomatoes, garlic, sour fruits, bananas, peanuts and spicy foods and eat prouts, green salads, sunflower seeds, mangos, pears, plums and mushrooms on regular basis.

    Kapha: Avoid coconut, dates, pineapples and dairy products and eat dried fruits, pomegranate, cranberries and basmati rice on regular basis.

  1. Lifestyle & Exercise

Your day to day lifestyle, habits and exercise have tremendous impact on the health and vitality of your skin. Overarching lifestyle guidance in Ayurveda includes waking up early before sunrise and going to sleep before 10PM at night and take breakfast before 8AM in the morning, lunch before noon and dinner before the sunsets.

Great Skin with Ayurveda

Exercise and physical activity is vital across the board for the skin.

Few of the best yoga asanas to correct imbalances in your dosha:

    Vata: head stands, backward bends, plows, cobra, locust and lotus poses

    Pitta: shoulder stands, half wheel, hidden lotus and fish poses

    Kapha: boat, palm tree, lion, half wheel and spinal twist poses

  1. Skin Care

Now that we’ve discussed on how to eat and move, let’s focus on how to really treat the skin depending on your dosha.

Vata: This skin type tends to dry out quickly and is especially vulnerable to shifts in weather. Vata skin must be protected from harsh cold and heat, and pampered to retain its moisture and natural oil. You need to avoid hot water baths and showers, as it dries your skin and one needs to be sure to use pH-balanced soaps as well as drink lots of water for hydration.

You should also steam your skin with mint leaves and water to open your pores and enhance circulation. Try gentle massage using aloe vera onto your skin when you need extra moisture. Avocado that is rich in Antioxidant is also great for vata skin as it is full of vitamins and fatty acids.

Pitta: This skin is prone to rashes, so it needs to be treated with gentle care. Cleansing with rose water, exfoliating with a sugar scrub and moisturizing with coconut oil are some excellent options one can improvise.

Kapha: This skin type is oily in nature and is prone to acne as well. It Is very important to avoid milk or dairy products in your diet and for skin care, exfoliating with sea salt and honey scrub is a good option, along with adding turmeric to your regimen.

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