How to Increase Sperm Count with Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the oldest healing systems which showcase plenty of ways by which the quality and the quantity of sperms can be increased. To increase sperm count with ayurveda, one must understand the reasons behind low sperm count. These can range from stress, old age, diseases such as diabetes, wearing tight underpants, bathing in very hot water as well as obesity. Ayurveda has treatment for low sperm count which requires maintaining the balance in the body.

Increase Sperm Count with Ayurveda:

  • Massaging the whole body with oil is superb technique known as abhayanga in ayurveda which help increase blood circulation and sperm count.
  • Limit masturbation and frequent sex as continual ejaculations may reduce the density of the semen.
  • Alcohol consumption and smoking affect the liver and cause dramatic rise in oestrogen levels which results in low sperm count. Eat nutritious and low fat diet which is high in protein, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Reduce stress by regular meditation and yoga as psychological factors such as stress and strain are known to reduce sperm count too.
  • There are plenty of herbal remedies available to increase sperm count with ayurveda. Several herbs known as bajikaran dravya in ayurveda are helpful in order to increase the sperm count as well as their quality.

Herbs for increase sperm count:

  • Shilajit: This is tremendous sex tonic which can increase the sperm count and it has anti aging properties too.
  • Ashwagandha: It increases endurance and long lasting capabilities.
  • Kohinoor Gold: This is an herbal remedy to increase the quality and quantity of sperm and is made up of number of herbs which provide strength and increase the vitality of the body too.

The toxins ama formed due to indigestion block the channels which carry semen and therefore reduce the sperm count. In order to increase sperm count with the help of ayurveda, it is vital to follow perfect diet and stay healthy. Get in touch with ayurvedic consultant for proper guidance.

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