Know the Health Benefits of Fennel seeds (sauf)


Fennel seeds are traditional spice of India. Widely known as saunf it is a highly aromatic and flavorful herb with culinary and medicinal uses. Fennel symbolizes longevity, courage, and strength.  Fennel Seeds benefits in abdominal diseases, gas, weight loss, indigestion and cancer. Sauf are very useful for digestive problems. India is the largest exporter of fennel seeds and it is a common practice in most Indian households. Fennel seed symbolizes longevity, courage and strength.  In addition to its use as medicinal values fennel has an anise like flavor but is more aromatic, sweeter and less pungent.  Fennel a key ingredient in several spice and herb blends such as Indian curry powders, flavors coffee, sauces and curries. These seeds can be chewed upon or had as a tea decoction for beneficial effects on the stomach. In India, these are routinely chewed upon after meals to aid in digestion after a rich meal while acting as herbal mouth freshener.


These seeds are very rich in minerals like magnesium. Two of its main constituents are Anethol and Fenchone.  Anethol and other terpenoids may inhibit spasms in smooth muscles such as those in the intestinal tract. Fenchone may be responsible for the medicinal properties associated with Fennel.

Recent studies have found that consumption of fennel can increase the production of bile and may also possess diuretic, pain reducing and anti microbial activities.


  • Fennel has many health benefiting nutrients, essential compounds, antioxidants, dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins.
  • Fennel seeds indeed contain plenty of flavonoid antioxidants like kaempferol and quercetin. These compounds function as powerful antioxidants by removing harmful radicals from the body therefore offer protection from cancer, infection, aging and degenerative neurological diseases.
  • Further, dietary fibers bind to bile salts and decrease their reabsorption in the colon. It thus helps lower serum LDL cholesterol levels. Together with flavonoid antioxidants, fiber composition of fennel helps protect the colon mucosa from cancer.
  • Fennel seeds concentrated source of minerals like copper, iron, calcium, potassium, manganese, selenium, zinc and magnesium. Copper is essential for the production of red blood cells. Iron is vital for red blood cell formation. Zinc is a cofactor in many enzymes that regulate growth and development, sperm generation, digestion and nucleic acid synthesis. Potassium is a vital component of cell and body fluids that helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure. The human body uses manganese as a cofactor for the important antioxidant enzyme and superoxide dismutase.
  • Furthermore, fennel seeds indeed are the storehouse for several vital vitamins. Vitamin A, E, C as well as many B complex vitamins like thiamin, pyridoxine, riboflavin and niacin particularly are concentrated in these seeds.
  • Its antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties also soothe sore gums.

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