Lung Cancer: Know How Ayurveda Can Help

Lung cancer is a disease caused by uncontrolled growth of lung tissues. The standard treatment methods for lung cancer include surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Ayurveda is used as an additional therapy with these standard treatments of lung cancer.

What Ayurveda can do?

Ayurveda medicines or herbal remedies help to slow the progress of cancer where allopathic line of treatment is contraindicated. Ayurvedic medicines can act as adjuvant. Ayurvedic medicines or remedies help to improve quality of life of cancer patient. Can be helpful in targeting specific tissues. Lung cancer consists of two-type one small cell and other is non-small cell lung cancer. Non small cell is responsible for most of the lung cancer cases. Certain herbal remedies may be a helpful in your lung cancer treatment, however, you should always clear the use of any herbs with your cancer specialist beforehand.

Herbal medicines:

Herbal medicines use plant or mixture of plant extracts to treat the illness of the body and it aims to restore your body ability to protect, regulate and heal. It is a whole body approach, so looks at your physical, mental and emotional well being. It is sometimes called phytomedicine, phototherapy or botanical. Certain herbal remedies may be impactful adjunct therapy in your lung cancer treatment, however you should always clear the use of any herbs with your cancer specialist beforehand. Herbs help to treat lung cancer in a great way with no side effects. There are several herbs which are helpful in treating lung cancer rapidly. Ayurvedic herbs are known to have the ability to destroy the cancerous cells and kindle the healing process as well. Use of ayurvedic medicines will help control the tumor and enhance the quality of life. However it is not replacement for treatment by an oncologist team.

Main herbs for treating lung cancer:

  • Americal Silver Top Root:-This herb is really helpful to treat and reduce the lung cancer. This herb is otherwise called as nan sha shen and best treating medicine to fight against the cancer cells. It acts as antibiotic and generally used to treat dry coughing that works by reducing inflammation, tissue permeability and cancer promoting chemicals present in the body.
  • Asparagus Root: – Asparagus root is also vital Lung tonic and believed to kill as well as prevent lung cancer cells from developing.

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