Piles Treatment in Ayurveda

99 out of 100 health problems of our generation are gifts of a hectic stressful lifestyle and an unhealthy way of eating and sleeping. One such problem that people dread is piles. Piles is a condition where swellings comprising of enlarged blood vessels develop just near the anus and they are classified as internal and external piles and are also called bleeding piles. Piles are common in men and women but they are worse in women. Ayurveda terms piles as ‘Arsh’.  Arsh means enemy in literal terms. The three main veins surrounding the anus swell up and develop into hemorrhoids.

These are extremely troublesome because they cause physiological as well as psychological effects on a person’s health. The extreme blood loss causes weakness, dizziness and anemia. The main cause of piles is definitely due to weak digestion and pressure on intestines. This happens due to difficult to digest, greasy and sticky food which does not get digested properly by the stomach and intestines and further leads to constipation and release of toxins.

Causes of bleeding piles:-

The exact reasons for what causes hemorrhoids to enlarge are not known, but there are several theories on the correlation between lifestyles and hemorrhoid sufferers.

It is seen that the people of age group 40 to 60 are more prone to pile problems. The idle lifestyle, long working hours and sitting in one place, driving etc., are reasons of hemorrhoid development. It is necessary that piles be treated from their root cause from avoiding them to reappear.

Poor diet-Being overweight through poor diet and not eating enough fibre is thought to trigger off piles.

Constipation-Chronic straining when passing a hard stool is also thought to be a major cause of hemorrhoids as the hemorrhoid cushions are pulled downwards as the stool is forced through the anal canal.

Straining/heavy lifting- This is similar to the constipation theory that excess straining and force induces inflammation of the hemorrhoids.

Pregnancy- The strain of child birth both during and after pregnancy is also thought to cause hemorrhoids.

Ayurvedic treatment for piles:-

Ayurveda has many ways of treating this torturous problem of piles. Using herbs and medicines are definitely an option but Ayurveda also suggests taking measures to reduce the discomfort and irritation by soothing your anal areas.

This treatment is effective and removes the problem from its root cause by treating the constipation problem.

Eating fiber rich foods, drinking plenty of water, eating fruits, losing weight if applicable, not straining while passage of stools, not holding the urge to excrete, regularizing routine of eating and sleeping, exercising daily and taking breaks while working long hours are some preventive and curative home measures one must follow.

Herbs for piles:-

  • Turmeric root
  • Holarrhena bark
  • Cyperus root
  • Boswellia
  • Indian tinospora
  • Bael fruit
  • Aloe vera

Home remedies to treat piles:-

  • Apply black cumin seeds paste to get rid of piles
  • bananas act as laxatives
  • Radish reduces Inflammation due to piles
  • Figs ease bowel movement
  • Drink buttermilk to cure bleeding piles

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