Popular Pickles: Its Varieties, Advantages and Disadvantages


Preparing pickles is the process of preserving or expanding the duration of food by either anaerobic fermentation in brine or immersion in vinegar and the resulting food is referred as pickles.

Achaar or South Asian pickles or pickles of the Indian subcontinent are made from various varieties of vegetables and fruits which are finely chopped and marinated in brine or edible oils along with several Indian spices. The process of pickle making is an ancient Indian tradition which has been loved and followed by mothers and grandmothers. Pickle is in intrinsic and vital part of Indian cuisine. Without pickle on food plate, an essential part will be missing from an Indian thali. Indian Pickle that carries the taste of tradition and the zest that will delight your tongue every time and all the time. Spicy pickles are vital item in Indian meal. Pickles add additional tastes into the meal and increase the satisfaction.  Mangoes, gooseberries and lemons are few of the examples of foods that are most commonly pickled in Indian cuisine. Indian families have their own unique pickle and chutney recipes that are handed-down through the generations. Pickles are found globally. Homemade preserves are a favorite among many cooks around the world.


Popular pickles list:-

1 Amla pickles

2 Assorted pickles

3 Carrot pickles

4 Garlic pickles

5 Green chili pickles

6 Indian pickles

7 Meats

8 Onion pickles

9 Raw mango and chickpea pickle

10 Red chili pickles

11 Sweet mango pickles

12 Sweet sour lemon pickles

13 Tomato pickles

14 Coconut pickles

Health benefits of pickles:-

The minerals present in this pickle include iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, and sodium. These pickles also contain vitamins that include vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, and vitamin K.

Pickles not only add a lovely burst of freshness, sour-sweet flavor to your meal, they also offer plenty of health benefits. Considered as tremendous source of probiotics and antioxidants contribute to modest diabetes control and improved digestion. Both pickle and pickle juice may help relieve nausea, morning sickness and muscle cramping too. Moreover, pickles can pack quite a punch as long as you don’t overdo it!

Mango pickles recipe:-


Pickles go well with Parathas and Rotis of all types. During the mango season in the summer in Punjab, one can see at least two or three earthenware jars full of pickled raw mangoes maturing in the sun outside homes.


  • Chop mangoes to slightly large cubes. Add them to a dry bowl, along with red chili powder, mustard powder, salt, lightly crushed garlic.
  • Pour oil and mix well. Set aside for 24 to 28 hours.
  • Stir mango pickle gently and if needed add more salt.
  • Store this in a clean glass jar.

Disadvantages of pickles:-

Pickles should be consumed only to add a dash of taste to your palette and its frequent consumption should be avoided. Consuming lots of pickles, or the pickle juice solution of brine, may cause negative impact on health. One potential side effect of consuming too many pickles or too much pickle juice is digestive upset.

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