South Indian Dish Sambar Nutrition Benefits


Sambar is undoubtedly an indispensible part of South Indian cuisine. It can be consumed along with idli, dosa or rice. It is the most common dish and provides the antioxidants and various health promoting benefits. There are 152 calories in a 1 small cup serving of South Indian Sambar.Sambhar is a vegetarian dish made out of pulses i.e. yellow split pulses and a whole lot of spices such as cumin, turmeric, curry leaves and many more spices and a lot of vegetables. It is a complete dish and you do not need to make separate vegetable dishes. The spices provide the antioxidants and various health promoting benefits. The lentils provide protein and the veggies give us the benefit of fiber. Sprouts too can be added to the dish as this will also help to lower your cholesterol because of the fiber content and provide a lot of nutrients such as folate, magnesium, B vitamins and is low in fat. Sprouts can increase the protein content too. It is low on calories and hence can be included in a weight reducing diet. If your child is fussy about eating vegetables, a few veggies can be mashed and added, your kid will never feels the difference. Greens too be can be added which will increase the fiber content.


Ingredients health benefits:-

  1. Lentil-based sambar is packed with various nutrients and proteins.
  2. Sambar contains lots of fibre too. This is really one of the best health benefits of sambar.
  3. Sambar’s glycemic index is low as it comes with smaller amounts of bad carbohydrates. Those who suffer from diabetes can consume it after carefully preparing it with suitable ingredients.
  4. Almost any vegetable can be added to sambar to pack it with nutrients. This is one advantage. Sambar contains onions, potatoes, carrots, beet roots and peas. You can also add corn to it.
  5. You can add fibre rich vegetables to your sambar. Fibre also helps the digestive system.
  6. Sambar is as good as any other pulse. All pulses in general are protein-rich.
  7. Sambar is very beneficial for health if not too spicy and have enough of vegetables in it rather than masala water.
  8. Sambhar is loaded with numerous vegetables like drumsticks, pumpkin, brinjal, okra, tomatoes and other seasonal vegetables, it is a complete meal. If you are planning to eat light and a stomach filling meal for the night then drink a bowl of sambhar as it keeps you full until next morning.
  9. A bowl of sambhar has a GI of 53.6%, thereby helping you to keep your blood sugar level.
  10. This is a healthy weight loss recipe – If you are on a weight loss diet with healthy eating, then including sambhar in your diet is a MUST.
  11. You can prevent your risk of constipation and also treat constipation naturally by eating a bowl of sambhar for every meal. It is due to the high water content and the presence of fibre that makes sambhar a natural laxative.

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