Cleanse the body with Ayurveda

Ayurveda considers that it is the accumulation of toxins that leads to ailments or injuries. Therefore, it is vital to clean the body to enhance life or health. This process is known as Panchakarma and is normally performed with the change of seasons. Spring is generally considered the perfect time to remove the toxins by this method.  To do cleansing with ayurveda, full Panchakarma should be performed under the guidance of an Ayurvedic consultant.

There are mainly three stages of a Panchakarma cleanse:

  • Purva Karma

The Initial stage: This phase involves modification in your daily diet and routine to prepare your mind and body for the release of toxins and negative energy.  Couple of weeks prior to the cleansing certain foods such as dairy products and stimulants such as tea and coffee need to be cut out from your daily diet. Follow a diet that mainly consists of whole grains and vegetables. Baking and steaming are preferred over cooking. Even fruits should be lightly baked or steamed. The body is massaged with warm oil to unwind the toxins present in the tissues.

Following the change in diet, the mind is prepared through meditation and some private moments. To do cleaning with Ayurveda, the primary aim is to get rid of negative thoughts and energy present in the body.

  • Panchakarma

The Purification stage: Through various techniques such as fasting, cleaning herbs, chanting, yoga and breathing, the toxins and negative energy are removed from the body. Warm water and herbal teas are a must throughout the cleansing process. Abhayanga, which is an ayurvedic massage, loosens the deeply embedded toxins for elimination. Shirodhara, a procedure in which a stream of warm oil is poured on your forehead, is wonderful for calming the mind and nervous system. Three meals are eaten during the day, with the afternoon meal being the heaviest. Enemas and laxatives are also employed in order to remove the toxins from the digestive system. Vitamin and mineral supplements are recommended to maintain perfect levels in the body. It is best to retire to bed early and ruse early. You must exercise daily in the mornings. This increases you intake of oxygen and helps to flush out toxins.

  • Rasayana

The Rejuvenation Stage: Under this stage, healing herbs and high quality foods are consumed to rejuvenate the body system. You return to the simple diet that you followed in the first stage. Eat whole grains and drink enough water. This phase puts lot of importance on the cleansing of the mind through meditation as the body has already been healed by now. This can be an emotional time for people undergoing the process, so you must take time off work during this stage.

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Get Rid of Dark Circles Naturally


The skin below the eyes is very sensitive and needs additional care and the dark circles are caused due to the accumulation of toxins present in the body. Ayurvedic treatment for dark circles is based on body detoxification and it is performed by external application of ayurvedic medicines, balance and healthy diet. Ayurvedic treatment of dark circles mainly focuses on the diet aspect of treatment as well as the direct application of ayurvedic medications on the skin. Since dark circles is caused due to the accumulation of toxins in the body, therefore, body detoxification and skin rejuvenation are two major steps that the ayurvedic mode of treatment follows.

  • Two cotton balls soaked in grated cucumber juice (since cucumber is considered a cooling agent), when placed on the eyes, gives relief to the tiredness of the eyes. While this is considered as one of the best remedies for under eye dark circles, the same may also be done using grated potato juice. Another alternative here is to place cotton balls, dipped in chilled water or rose water, on the eyes.
  • Massaging your eyes with almond oil proves to be of great help.
  • Ayurvedic medication prescribes applying paste of tomato puree, lemon juice, orange lentil flour and turmeric powder only if you are not allergic to it on the dark circle area. Wash it off after 15 minutes duration.
  • Diet should consist of cow’s milk, goat’s milk, yoghurt, butter and fenugreek and fish oil
  • One must drink plenty of water.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the ones rich in fibre. Avoiding excess of sweets and chocolates also helps.
  • Avoid stress, tension, anxiety by practicing asanas such as pranayama.
  • Give your eyes enough rest. Sleep for at least six to eight hours a day.
  • While working under strenuous conditions take a break and cover your eyes with your palms for about 10 minutes and relax.
  • Pressing the mount below the index finger is also helpful to remove dark circles around the eyes.

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Amazing Benefits of Drumstick


The drumstick tree is evergreen and slim. Drumstick tree is also called the Power house of minerals and is the most common tree in India. Drumstick is obtained from an evergreen, drought tolerant and medium sized tree. Its leaves, fruits, flowers, barks and seeds have medicinal values and are used in plenty of manners in all dishes. Invaluable in preventing cardiac diseases and several researchers have stated that it has nutritional value. The entire tree is known to provide tremendous health benefits and have traditionally been used for nutritional, medicinal and industrial uses. Its pods are commonly used in cooking soups and curries in Southern India and several other Asian countries. Its seeds produce oil which is called Ben oil which does not become rancid and used in hair care, perfumes, salads and also for lubricating machines. The leaves of drumstick tree will help get rid of plenty of medical problems related to skin and stomach. Due to having multiple benefits, it is said that if you have Moringa tree at home, you have a doctor at home.

Health Benefits of Drumstick:-

  • Improves vision of eye and retina: – It enhances the vision of eye as well as clears the toxins through the retina that boosts the lifetime of retina.
  • Asthma, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis: – Person needs to prepare the soup from leaves of Drumstick twice daily as well as consume as fresh soup. This helps to make lungs powerful and eliminates the toxin through the lungs that are settled due to smoking cigarettes or even heavy industry air pollution.
  • Improves digestion problem: – After consuming the leaves and drumstick for specific time duration, it helps interior organ to operate effectively. As kidney and liver function enhances, it helps intestine to boost the quality of gastric juice. It helps in digestion problem as well.
  • Increases bone density: – After consuming drumstick on regular basis for just two months it has been proven that it raises density of bones. This is tremendous for growing up kids.
  • Tonic for children: – The leaves function as a tonic for babies as well as growing kids. For better results, juice needs to be obtained from leaves, filtered and combined with milk. This mix becomes a wonderful tonic for strong and healthy bones as well as for cleansing bloodstream.
  • Great tonic: – The juice extract of the helpful herbal plant is regarded as a tremendous tonic for young kids. This particular tonic helps you to reinforce the bones as well as cleans the blood. For pregnant as well as feeding mothers, this is a tremendous tonic since it contains all of the vital components just like calcium, iron and vitamins.
  • Avoid infection: – Drumsticks have tremendous content of anti bacterial qualities and are also vital in avoiding infections within the throat, chest as well as skin. Drumstick leaves and also flowers are utilized in preparing soups since they are anti biotic naturally. It may also be utilized in dealing with fungal skin ailment.
  • Fights cold and flu: – Drumsticks are recognized to have tremendous content of vitamin C and if you are experiencing low because of cold as well as sore throat then consume drumstick soup to get comfort immediately. Drumstick leaves are commonly known to get therapeutic qualities and is also greatly beneficial in dealing with asthma, wheezing as well as other respiratory system difficulties.
  • Cures from stomach ailments: – The leaves of drumstick is said to provide plenty of medicinal properties. Having drumstick leaf with honey and coconut water is known to be a tremendous remedy for curing stomach related ailments such as diarrhea, dysentery, jaundice and cholera.
  • Beauty-Aid: – Fresh leaf juice applied with lime juice is useful in the treatment of pimples, black heads and keeps one’s face fresh.
  • Blood Purification: – Drumstick pods contain properties which can purify blood and also act as a powerful antibiotic agent. Therefore, if you add these pods in soups or juice, it can also help cure acne and many other skin related issues.

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