Shila Abhyanga (Stone Massage) – The Ancient Ayurvedic Technique

From the ancient treasure chest of Ayurveda, there comes a type of massage that is getting popularity the world over. This ancient Ayurvedic technique that uses herbal Ayurvedic oils and basalt stones heated in water to provide slow and deep tissue massage. Shila Abhyanga is a holistic massage therapy that heals several levels and restores overall balance. But it is important to customize it by factoring  in the person’s individual health condition, constitutional make-up, seasonal changes and usage of oil most-suited for his/her dosha.

What is Shila Abhyanga?

This massage is traditionally providing to stimulate the circulatory system, soften and relax the muscles, release toxins, relieve pains and muscle spasms and induce state of deep relaxation. The body is first oiled to dissolve stress and open the marma (physical and energetic) points. The next step is to apply the Shila (basalt, circular stones of varying sizes and particular therapeutic qualities), heated in water, over key points (marmas) on the body. The therapist also uses room-temperature crystals, placed on the body in a precise sequence to harmonize with the chakra system. The stones are firmly glided over oiled muscles while the pointed stones are used as tools for a deeper massage. It is essential for the stone therapist to use the correct techniques and stones that are heated to a comfortable temperature. Along with the massage, the influence of serenity and a healing intention are also important in the outcome for the client.

Shila Abhyanga has several benefits:

  • The stones act as radiators of heat, and are rated in terms of high, medium and low thermal radiance.
  • Stone therapy brings about a relaxing, deep-tissue release and alignment in the body-mind complex.
  • The heat of the stones softens tension and melts away stress and anxiety.
  • If the person undergoing the Abhyanga is receptive then they may experience physically restorative and spiritually uplifting transformation.
  • The stones and crystals transform the anatomy and removes imbalances in our physical body.
  • As most minerals possess a magnetic quality, the stones also work like magnets. The Abhyanga stones magnetize and extract repressed emotion, depression, sorrow and physical pain and also remain hot for extended periods of time.
  • The darker stones have the most iron and the highest magnetic intensity.

Essential in a Fast-Paced Life

Today’s urban, technology-driven societies expose people to high burnout, and they end up disconnected from nature’s healing rhythms. High on caffeine or spicy food, chaotic, over stimulated and stressed out – these terms accurately describe them! They seek calmness, but this can come only from within – by enhancing the prana and observing the mind. The warmth of the stones in Shila Abhyanga helps still the over-active mind and the Vata element, inducing a tranquil, quiet state. As the Abhyanga therapist works with the earth energy in the body through the placement of heated stones especially on areas that gather tension such as back, neck and shoulders, the client feels more grounded and experiences a sedating and healing effect on the nervous system along with a rejuvenating and cleansing effect.

The Benefits of Shila Abhyanga

  • Increases circulation, lymph and vitality
  • Releases toxins; reduces tension
  • Irons out tight muscles, softens tissues with heat
  • Balances the chakra system when the stones are placed and spun correctly
  • Sedates the central nervous system when the stones are laid on the spinal column
  • Grounds the body by balancing the Vata element within the body
  • Improves the tone of visceral organs
  • Gently exfoliates the skin
  • Incorporates sound and vibration by tapping and music therapy
  • Adds more energy to the session since stones are living microcosms of energy
  • Enhances liver function

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Vitamin D May Help in the Fight Against Diabetes & Cancer

Research suggests vitamin D has anti-cancer properties, decreases inflammation, strengthens the immune system, controls blood pressure, helps maintain muscular strength, may help deter diabetes and fight depression. For people faced with a cancer diagnosis, vitamin D may help prevent tumors from developing new blood vessels. High vitamin D levels may decrease the risk of cancer development, particularly liver cancer. Vitamin D may help in the treatment of vitamin D. It also stated that vitamin D therapy is capable of treating the damaged beta cells in the pancreas.

If these beta cells become dysfunctional, it could lead to an inability of the body to create insulin, which helps control a person’s blood sugar. The team focused on the correlation between diabetes and vitamin D, they found a compound, iBRD9 that worked with vitamin D to help in the recovery of the beta cells. Vitamin D is also known as the sunlight vitamin because it is created in the skin when it is exposed to the sunlight. It also has other health benefits such as: it protects from cold and flu; helps keep the bones healthy, and helps in providing calcium and phosphorus absorption. The researchers have successfully found that this could help in the development in the treatment of diabetes. Moreover, they are also working on developing treatments for other diseases such as pancreatic cancer. Previous studies have shown that vitamin D therapy helps in reducing the risk of liver and breast cancer.

Here are some foods that could help increase the levels of vitamin D in our body:

Fish: Tuna and Salmon are the richest sources of vitamin D. Salmon provide as much vitamin D as one-third of the daily need. Raw fish eaten in the form of sushi contains more vitamin D than cooked.

Milk: Another great source of vitamin D is fortified milk and it can provide as much as one-fifth of the daily vitamin D requirement. Unfortified dairy products are usually low in vitamin D content.

Oranges: Just like milk, orange juice is fortified with vitamin D. Adding a glass of orange juice in your diet could help increase the levels of vitamin D in your body.

Eggs: Egg makes a healthy food that is rich in vitamin D. It is important to eat the egg as a whole as most of the most of the vitamin D content is in egg yolk. Eating only egg whites will not provide ample supply of vitamin D.

Cod Liver Oil:  It contains high levels of vitamin A and vitamin D, making it one of the best natural supplements. Adding some to your daily diet will provide a sufficient supply of vitamin D to your body.

Oysters: Another great source of vitamin D is Oyster. Oysters are healthy food as they are not only rich in vitamin D but also offer an abundant supply of vitamin B12, Iron, Zinc, Copper and Selenium. However, oysters are high in cholesterol and should be eaten only in the right amounts.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Worms

The problem of worms inside our body is alarming but very common in recent days. Intestinal worms attack the normal functioning of the body and may cause serious health related issues as well. Worms affect normal healthy body in several ways such ascan cause loss of appetite, coughing, vomiting, fever or headache. There are plenty of ways to treat this problem. Though different types of allopathic treatment can be given to treat this condition, the most effective and simple way to get rid of worms is with the help of Ayurvedic treatment for worms.

Ayurvedic Medicines for worms:

  1. Vidangadi churna
  2. Dadimashtak churna
  3. Tab krumimudgaras
  4. Liq vidangarishta
  5. Liq vidangasav

Herbal and Home Remedies for worms:

Children are more prone to this problem than adults. Worms have a tendency to grow fast in unhealthy surroundings and so these parasites feed on the intestinal residue which is conducive to their growth. In most cases, the eggs of the worms enter the human body through infected food and water. Consumption of raw food or meat and vegetables that are not properly cooked can give rise to growth and spread of worms in the body. Therefore, it is very important to avoid drinking water from sources which are considered contaminated. The infestation of worms in human body can be prevented with the help of few home remedies and proper ayurvedic treatment. Besides few home remedies, personal hygiene also plays a major role in preventing worms from attacking the body. The efficiency of ayurvedic treatment for worms is proven for years now and is considered to be safest alternative in the recent times as well.

  • Eating apples on daily basis keep the worms away.
  • Tomatoes along with a pinch of black pepper and rock salt taken on an empty stomach for 10 days prove to be a very useful for prevention of worms.
  • Coconut water mixed with some honey is another tremendous home remedy for prevention of intestinal worms.
  • Ayurvedic experts strongly recommend the medicinal properties of Ajwain. Mix Ajwain mixed with a pinch of salt, and take on an empty stomach for a week to eliminate worms from the intestines.
  • The herb keetmardras taken with the extract of nagarmotha three times a day is helpful in treating intestinal worms.
  • Another herbal concoction can be prepared by mixing krimighan rasa with the juice of moosa-karnior or nagannothakwath to treat intestinal worms.
  • Herbal syrup obtained by boiling coriander and cumin in water is also tremendous ayurvedic remedy for the treatment of worms.

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Curing Sinus with the Help of Ayurveda Treatment and Home Remedies


Sinus is a biological channel inside the body. There are four types of sinus in head. They are frontal, maxillary, ethmoid and sphenoid. The inflammation in this sinus causes headache. Sinuses are the air-filled spaces behind nasal bone, forehead, cheeks and eyes. When these sinus openings are blocked it becomes prone to infections. Now a days sinusitis ayurvedic treatment is very popular. Ayurvedic treatment for sinusitis includes ayurveda pancha karma treatment like Nasya and different ayurvedic medicines.

According to Ayurveda, sinus infections are caused due to an imbalance of prana vata and shleshaka kapha. Prana vata is the sub dosha of vata that control brain and head.  Shleshaka kapha controls moisture and lubrication balance. Imbalances of these doshas block the sinus channel and this clogging imbalances pitta and finally lead to sinus inflammation. Air pollution, consuming an excessive amount of cold, altering between hot and cold weather, inadequate amount of sleep and inactive lifestyle can cause this imbalance. Ayurveda provides effective treatment for this disease.

Oil Massage

Oil massage is tremendous way to cure sinus. Oil massage calms the vata dosha by preventing accumulation of kapha on face and massage by mahanarayan oil, seasame and narayana oil are perfect for sinus. For maximum effectiveness, the warm oil is used in massage therapy. It can easily transport essence of herbs into the skin.

During nasya treatment procedure medicated oil is applied to each nostril. Make sure that you get nasya treatment by professional practitioner only. Ginger, lemongrass, basil, acorus and cubeb are used to prepare this medicated oil. Nasya treatment used to break up phlegm and open up congested tissues of sinuses.

Medicated Steam Inhalation

Medicated steam inhalation is also a perfect way to cure sinus. Add ginger, eucalyptus oil, cough drops and other medicated herbs into boil water and then take steam.


Another effective ayurvedic remedy to cure sinus is to drink water flavoured with spices. You can add two tulsi leaves, two slices of ginger, two cloves and four mint leaves into water and drink this water several times throughout the day.

Fruits and Vegetables

Increase consumption of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Make sure that you don’t skip or delay your meal as this will lead to the formation of toxins and upset digestive system.

Ginger and Lemon Tea

Regular intake of ginger and lemon tea helps to prevent recurrence of sinus. Besides ayurvedic remedies, you must maintain an active lifestyle and do exercises that are vigorous but not exhausting. Such exercises will effect metabolism, stimulate pitta and regulate vata.

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Get the Facts About Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD) and is caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV). The virus can infect both men as well as women. It is a bad infection but it is not as common as considered and is not as hazardous too. Genital herpes affect the skin or mucous membranes of the genitals. The virus is spread from one person to another during sexual contact.

Following the initial infection the virus stays in the person’s body for life. The virus becomes dormant in the body after the first infection and can reactivate later. The reactivation of the virus causes recurrence of symptoms (this is called “herpes outbreak”). Some people can have recurrence of symptoms many times in year whereas other may have recurrence even years apart.

Some of the trigger factors for reactivation of the virus and “herpes outbreak” include:

  • fatigue
  • other illness (Both mild illnesses and serious conditions can cause recurrence of symptoms)
  • immune suppression (secondary to some other disease such as AIDS, cancer or medication such as chemotherapy, steroids)
  • menstruation
  • stress (physical or emotional)
  • trauma to the affected area, including sexual activity

If your immune system is healthy and normal, genital herpes remains localized, can cause complications and but rarely becomes life-threatening. However in people with immunosuppression it can cause severe complications and can even be fatal.

Some of the complications associated with genital herpes include:

    Other sexually transmitted infections: People with genital sores are at higher risk of transmitting or contracting other sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.

    Newborn infection: Babies born to infected mothers can become infected with virus during vaginal delivery. The disease can be severe and fatal in newborns. It can cause complications such as brain damage, blindness or death for the newborn.

    Bladder problems: Some people with sores of genital herpes can develop inflammation around the urethra. Urethra is the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside world. The swelling and inflammation can cause painful micturition and if severe you may need insertion of a catheter to drain your bladder.

    Meningitis: This is a rare complication of HSV infection. The brain and the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid surrounding your brain and spinal cord can become inflamed and infected.

    Rectal inflammation (proctitis): Anal sex can cause sores and inflammation of lining of the rectum.

The prognosis or outcome of genital herpes is generally good in people with healthy immune system. The severity and frequency of outbreaks may decrease with suppressive treatment (that is long term administration of antiviral drugs such as acyclovir). However in people with immunosuppression (weakened immune system) due to any disease or medication the outcome can be poor. They may develop severe herpes infections that involve the brain, eyes, esophagus, liver, spinal cord, or lungs.

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Health Tips: Things You Should Never Lie to Your Doctor About

Your health should be your priority. Being healthy and fit does not mean that you have to spend hours at the gym or go on a strict diet. It is about what you should or shouldn’t do to remain healthy – one of these tips includes ‘not lying to your doctor’. Here are some of the things you shouldn’t be lying to your doctor about:


Age is a factor that bothers some people, especially those who are approaching middle age. You do not need to lie about your age to your doctor as your doctor’s cabin is like a safe space for you to talk about your problems. Lying to your doctor will not benefit you in any way. If you lie about your age and your doctor finds out, he might not be able to trust you with the other information that you will provide. Lying about your age might lead to a wrong diagnosis and the idea of the disease can be misconstrued.

Food Intake

Have you been trying to lose those extra kilos? Is the plan not working out for you? And now you must visit a doctor for an expert approach on the subject, but the dilemma of talking about the food intake is taking over. Well, as much as you would hate to hear this but it is important for you to tell your doctor about what you have eaten and what you eat on a regular basis. If you will be untruthful, your doctor would not be able to help you. Instead of feeling shameful about the cravings and not exercising for a long time, tell your doctor everything truthfully, so that he could advise you accordingly and appropriately.

Mental Issues

Although people are more aware of mental issues today, there is a certain kind of hesitation and embarrassment that stops people from discussing the subject openly. Mental health problems are best solved when discussed with a professional in the most honest way. Being anxious, depressed, bulimic, anorexic, etc. are some of the common mental health issues, which could easily become a major health problem. An expert would understand your inner struggles better and would be able to help you in the best possible way. An honest discussion will unburden the mind of its complexities and you will successfully overcome the problems you have been facing with the help of your doctor.

Smoking/ Drinking Habits

Since both drinking and smoking are injurious to health, you would prefer not to tell your doctor the truth about how much you smoke or drink in a day for obvious reasons – the doctor would ask you to cut out both the dangerous habits. You need to tell the truth about your lifestyle habits, otherwise, they may become a hurdle if you ever need a surgery. It might even prove detrimental and lead to permanent damages if you lie about it and your doctor continues with a certain surgery that may require your insides to stay normal. If you have a history of alcohol abuse or chain-smoking, better tell your doctor soon before it’s too late.

Have you had an Abortion?

It is completely a woman’s personal choice to have an abortion or not. We get it, it isn’t the easiest of subjects to talk about, but you have to tell your doctor the truth for your own benefit. At the time of an abortion, the uterus becomes open to damages and there could be some scar tissues as well.

For future pregnancies, you need to consult a doctor and give him your complete medical history so that he can evaluate your situation. If your doctor has a full understanding of your condition, he will offer you a better health plan and proper medications keeping in mind the situation.

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Health Benefits of Hibiscus (Gurhal)

Hibiscus (Gurhal) extracts plays an important role in Ayurveda. Gurhal leaves and flowers have numerous benefits and it is used for treating several ailments and conditions for centuries. Hibiscus flower has more medicinal properties and surprising health facts.

Medicinal properties of Gurhal:

  • Prevents hair loss
  • Reduces grey hair
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Blood circulation
  • Liver disorders
  • Constipation

Gurhal for hair and skin:

  • Hibiscus powder can work miracles for hair problems like hair fall, dandruff and split ends etc.
  • Hibiscus works wonders for skin which fight the several skin damage causing agents like pollution, UV radiation etc.
  • Hibiscus helps to prevents dryness, breakage of hair and also helps to control frizz.

Health benefits:

The hibiscus flower has many health benefits and is used around the world for its incredible properties. The hibiscus flower can be ingested in food/drink to improve the health of the respiratory and circulatory systems or applied topically to improve skin health. This plant can be used as a remedy for many ailments and diseases such as fevers, menorrhagia, gonorrhoea, blood vomiting, stomachic troubles, irritable geneto-urinary tract conditions, swellings, boils, ulcers and for hair strengthening as well.

Hibiscus extracts have been used for ages in Ayurveda to cure many ailments. Using the natural health benefits of hibiscus, you can cure many diseases naturally. In fact, hibiscus extracts are incredibly easy to find. Even if you have a hibiscus plant in your house, you can easily make things like hibiscus tea or hibiscus oil from the flowers. You can also get hibiscus extracts from an organic store. The health benefits of hibiscus can be utilized only if you know them well. And even if you are not ailing from any sickness, it is just a general good for your health as well. For example, hibiscus tea is rich in antioxidants and thus it helps to fight cancer and aging. It is thus, a good habit to consume hibiscus tea instead of normal tea. Hibiscus oil also has many beauty benefits apart from being healthy. Here are some of the most important health benefits of hibiscus flower extracts.

1)  Prevents Cancer – Hibiscus is a flower that is rich in antioxidants. That is why having hibiscus tea or extracts is a naturally preventive measure against cancer.

 2)  Cures Cold – Hibiscus is rich in Vitamin C and therefore it has the capacity to cure minor cold related infections like sore throat, cough and headache too.

3)  Boosts Energy – As the antioxidants in hibiscus help to repair free radical damage, your energy levels naturally go up.

4) Calms Hot Flashes – Women who are going through the tough hormonal period of menopause might use the health benefits of hibiscus. It can help soothe hot flashes.

5)  Slows Aging – The antioxidants in hibiscus not only help to fight cancer but also slow down the aging of your cells. As a result, it may be the secret to eternal youth.

6)  Cures Acne – Hibiscus has many natural anti-inflammatory substances and also Vitamin C that can stop the growth of acne and even clear the marks left by it.

7)  Boost Immunity – One of the main health benefits of hibiscus flower is that it helps to boost the level of immunity in your body.

8)  Maintains Fluid Balance – According to ancient Ayurveda science, having hibiscus flower extracts can help to maintain the fluid balance in your body. It was once used cure oedema or excess water retention in the body.

9)  Speeds Up Metabolism – Vitamin C plays vital place in the digestive system and as hibiscus is rich in Vitamin C, it helps to increase the Rate of metabolism.

10) Stops Hairfall – Hibiscus oil is greatly beneficial for the hair. Applying hibiscus oil to your hair ensures that it grows strong from the root and stops breaking up easily.

11)  Lowers Levels Of Cholesterol – The antioxidants present in hibiscus are similar to those found in red wine and it is heart healthy as it helps to lower cholesterol levels as well.

12)  Maintains Body Temperature – According to ancient African medicine having hibiscus flower extracts regulates the body temperature and it helps to flush out excess body heat in summer season.

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We Cure Incurable Diseases like Cancer, Aids, Hepatitis etc. Mental Ailment & Cosmetic Problems

Research and Development Department Lavanya:

Lavanya has its an independent Research & Development division which includes the Quality Control & Quality Assurance departments, Formulation of herbal cosmetics, Toxicity studies, Microbiology studies, Cell line study and Cell Line Bank facilities for study of Lavanya’s anti-cancer compound’s activity. Lavanya is committed to develop standardized and validated products with reference to their specific target, based on Modern scientific research. Presently a large number or classical Ayurvedic formulations are being prepared by Lavanya to meet out the requirements as laid down for standardization purposes in Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India (API).


Quality Control and Quality Assurance:

Quality Control (Q.C.) of a drug is as necessary for use in the treatment as a good food for proper physical and mental development. Lavanya keeps its eye on every point so that the raw drugs and finished products showed to be full of established quality parameters. For this purpose the source of procurement of raw material is very much important. Sorted only patients raw-material is procured which must be having sufficient chemical constituents as well as away from any contamination and decomposition. The stage between the raw drug and the final or finished product is method of preparation. Lavanya follows strict adherence to classical methods and no deviation at any level is permitted in preparing or purifying raws drugs. G.M.P. and F.D.A. rules helps a lot in this direction which are invariably adopted and followed by the manufacturing section with the expert assistance of Drug Standardization and Quality control division.

Different tests on the basis of Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia of India (API) are performed at Lavanya:


  • Macroscopic
  • Microscopic

    Identity, Purity and Strength

  • Foreign matter
  • Total Ash
  • Alcohol soluble extractive
  • Water soluble extractive
  • Acid insoluble Ash
  • Loss on drying
  • pH

Assay / TLC Constituents

Phytochemical analysis

    Microbial limit test


Preparation of Herbal Cosmetics free from synthetic preservatives colors:

Lavanya Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. also runs a Lavanya Spa at West End Mall, Gomti nagar, Lucknow (Wave) where herbal base cosmetics are used for manicure and pedicure, facial, skin glowing, acne treatment, dark circles, fairness and likewise packages. Quality Control and Drug Development Division developed a large number of herbal pastes having very pleasant odours suited to demand of different walks of life.

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Lavanya Skin Care: Know About It


Are you unhappy with your skin and want a radiant, beautiful skin? Are you having troubles managing dry skin or oily skin? Have been experiencing skin problems or been diagnosed with a skin condition? Here is all you need to know about skin care and skin care solutions. Lavanya skin care gives you skin care treatments, prevent skin problems and more. In addition, there is more such as habits for better skin care, skin care essentials and how to improve your complexion.

A fruity treat to enhance your beauty:

Fruits are good for your health, they are also good for your skin and beauty. The different fruits that you get in the market can reap fruitful benefits for your skin. Fruits are good for health. We all knew that. But they are great for your skin, your face, and in general for several beauty treatments; and not all of them involve eating the fruit. They’re natural, do not have harmful chemicals, and one doesn’t have to look very hard to find them. That is why fruit treatments are a very healthy and effective way to home groom ourselves. Here is our pick of our top five favourite fruity beauty treatments.

Natural beauty care for face you must try:

Skin care may take back seat in everyday hustle-bustle. This provides an opportunity to chemical-laden cosmetics, stress and improper eating habits to attack and snatch off skin’s natural radiance and glow. Since lifestyle and skin care contributes tremendously not only to your looks but also on how you feel about yourself, you must take extra care of it.

There are endless beauty magazines and tips that lure you into cosmetics but then you are never sure of cosmetics. Left in a state of confusion, natural remedies and practices seem like a last resort. Natural remedies are greatly effective and can provide you glowing and beautiful face.

Natural beauty tip for skin problem: Pamper yourself with the basics

Water and good sleep are natural facial beauty enhancers. 10-12 glasses of water per day and six to eight hours of sound sleep every day are essential for your skin to revitalize and repair damaged tissue. Set reasonable limits, scale back your to-do list and make time to do the things you enjoy. It will help in curing acne breakouts, acne scars and other skin related problems. Restricting your consumption of oily and fatty food besides taking help of above mentioned beauty tips would further ensure naturally gorgeous complexion and spotless facial skin.

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Ashwagandha: Know Its Health Benefits

Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen and a revered Ayurvedic elixir for rejuvenation, nourishment and strength. It is a natural supplement to lower cortisol and balance thyroid hormones. Ashwagandha literally translates to the “strength of the stallion” and is commonly known as Indian ginseng, for its ability to boost mental and physical stamina and its extraordinary stress relieving properties.

Health benefits:

  • Enhances the function of the brain and rejuvenates the nervous system leading to increase in the cognitive ability.
  • Improves body’s defense against disease by improving the cell-mediated immunity.
  • Possesses potent antioxidant properties that help protect against cellular damage caused by free radicals.
  • Has anti ulcer and anti tumor properties. It prevents stress-induced ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Stabilises mood, relieves from anxiety and helps sleep better for its abilities to positively boost functioning of nervous system.
  • This is a anti-arthritic support as it soothes nervous system from pain response for its analgesic and anti inflammatory properties.
  • An aphrodisiac, Ashwagandha enhances vitality and fertility in men by improving semen quality and in women by supporting uterine functionality.


  • Risk for Pregnant Women:-Pregnant women are advised to avoid the intake of Ashwagandha, as it consists of abortifacient properties.
  • Risk of Medical Interactions:-Doctors generally recommend taking caution while using Ashwagandha because it could interact with your regular medications, especially for those who are suffering from diseases like diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, depression and insomnia.
  • Other:-Avoid intake of Ashwagandha in excessive amounts, as this may have side effects i.e. diarrhoea, upset stomach and nausea.

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