5 Natural Home Remedies for Cold and Flu Relief


As winter is approaching soon and therefore the cold and flu season is about to start too. Cold often slows down work productivity and ruins our weekend plans. No matter what is your schedule, you definitely cannot let cold get in your way of working efficiently and enjoying with your pals. Prevention is better than cure so get flu vaccination at the beginning of the season.

Cold and flu are medically known as viral upper respiratory tract infection. Get in touch with doctor if you notice any symptoms of common cold and flu such as a cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, runny nose and sneezing. There are several home remedies available that can diminish the symptoms and can help you get back to normal.


Garlic has been used for centuries as tremendous ingredient and medicine. Garlic contains allicin which reduces the risk of falling sick at the initial stage. It also helps fight cold and the flu and it also helps us recover from an illness rapidly.


Ginger is the perfect cold cure and it is easily available. You can either chop it or put it in daily tea intake. It is anti-inflammatory shaogals and gingerols which help to relieve sore throat rapidly. You should drink three to four cups daily until you are feeling sick. For children, reduce the concentration of the tea slightly to not let it feel so spicy.


In order to curb cold and cough, you need to stay hydrated. Drinking fluids at room temperature can alleviate the symptoms of general cold and flu. People suffering from severe cold or high fever can warm the liquid and drink. Warm water can help fight sore throat, fatigue and other flu symptoms as well.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital for your overall health. Leafy greens, grapefruits, oranges, tomatoes, green and red peppers, lemons and several other fruits and vegetables are tremendous source of vitamin C.  You can drink lemonade (hot or cold) or add lemon to your tea to get rid of phlegm.


The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of honey can reduce the throat pain and act as impactful cough suppressant. A research on treatments for coughing in children showed that honey can greatly provide relief from coughing. But it shouldn’t be given to a child younger than 1-year-old.

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Amazing Benefits of Vitamin c for Skin and Health


Vitamin C is widely known for boosting your immune system. But it turns out that this water-soluble vitamin has an array of other important benefits to the body. Vitamin C is the reason citrus fruit have that delicious, tangy flavor. Vitamin C can be found in strawberries, red bell peppers, sweet potatoes, and gooseberries. Vitamin C has broad range of health benefits. Vitamin C plays a role in healthy hair growth, youthful elasticity of skin, and helps your nails grow strong and beautiful.

Health benefits:

  • Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant and helps to repair damaged cells and clear free radicals.
  • Vitamin C is essential for the biosynthesis of collagen and concurrently plays a large role in wound healing.
  • Vitamin C is great for your hair and helps to strengthen hair follicles while stimulating growth.
  • Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron, which in turn leads to a better utilization of oxygen and helps you combat anemia and fatigue.
  • Vitamin C promotes nail strength and even helps prevent hangnails.
  • Vitamin C helps firm skin, even out fine lines, and helps keep skin evenly moisturized – this is due to its ability to support collagen production.

Diseases and Conditions

Helps with Heart Disease: Because of its assistance in several different areas regarding the cardiovascular system, Vitamin C is an important vitamin to keep up on if you want to keep your heart healthy. It helps keep free from stress, keep your blood pressure down and your cholesterol levels low as well. It reminds people that you cannot depend completely on vitamin alone to prevent heart disease as they cannot overcome the negative impact of an unhealthy lifestyle. So take comprehensive approach to your health and start breaking poor habits while forming good ones.

Helps with Osteoporosis: Vitamin C helps your body absorb calcium and along with proper intake of this vitamin and few other nutrients like Vitamin D and Phosphate, you would be setting the stage for your body to help correct the symptoms of osteoporosis. Yes, you would also want to get enough calcium as the supplementary vitamins and minerals simply help your body use that calcium to the best of its ability so it does not go to waste. Always ask your health consultant about the best ways to treat your condition using mix of medication and all natural treatments is often effective.

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Wheat Dalia for Weight Loss

Wheat dalia is prepared by crushing whole raw wheat. Being rich in fibre, it also improves digestion. Dalia is healthy and delicious and it also helps in weight loss. Dalia is prepared by crushing whole raw wheat into small pieces. It contains high contents of fiber, proteins and vitamin B.  All those people who ate cracked wheat or whole grains on regular basis had consistently lower weights compared to those who did not eat either of it. Below is how dalia helps in weight loss.

Low Calorie

What makes dalia so tremendous for weight loss is that it is not only full of nutrition but surprisingly low in calories as well. Consuming dalia on daily basis adds very less to your daily calorie count. In the meantime, it also provides plenty of nutritional benefits.

High Fiber

As it contains wheat bran and wheat germ, it is tremendous source of fiber which helps in digestion and ensures that your body functions perfectly and keeps you healthy.

Slow to Process

There is common notion that foods that process and burn rapidly are more beneficial in weight loss, however, this is not true. Instead, the foods that process rapidly tend to make you feel hungry faster and lead to more storage of sugar in the body. The benefit of consuming dalia is that your body breaks it down and absorbs slowly.

Low Glycemic Index

A glycemic index is used to measure how much sugar is being converted from any particular food. The higher index indicates more sugar. Low glycemic index foods are recommended best for someone who is seeking to lose weight. And dalia is one such food. It gets absorbed slowly and keeps your blood sugar in balance.

High Protein

Dalia is an excellent source of protein. You should eat dalia for weight loss because it gives you a high protein diet and does not contain fats. Therefore, it is a safe, fat-free source of protein that you must include in your diet.


As dalia is rich in fiber and takes more time to get fully absorbed, it will leave you fuller for long. You will not feel hungry as quickly as you may feel after eating few other foods. Smaller portion of dalia can satisfy your hunger.

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Home Remedies for Fatty Liver Disease


Fatty liver is very common medical condition found especially in places where people use to consume fatty food along with some form of alcohol beverage or the other. Fatty liver definitely has the scope of being treated with natural remedies. However, before you use these remedies make sure you have consulted your doctor.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is plant that can be abundantly found in the native Mediterranean and the seeds of this plant are used to prepare medicinal formulations. Few of the common conditions that milk thistle can treat include hepatitis, gallstones, cirrhosis and fatty liver. Milk thistle plays vital role in the treatment of fatty liver that results from excessive consumption of alcohol or diabetes. The plant promotes regeneration of damaged liver cells too and it has anti inflammatory properties that plays vital role in healing fatty liver when it has progressed to the point of liver inflammation.


This is a popular spice that has been known for its medicinal properties. Turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat diseases of the liver, skin and digestive system. It has also been used in treating heart problems and arthritis. Turmeric has anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help in the protection of liver cells from the damage caused by fatty liver.


Lemons are vital in not only in the kitchen but also for plenty of medicinal purposes. Lemons contain high amounts of vitamin C which is antioxidant that helps the liver produce enzymes including one called glutathione. Glutathione among several other tasks neutralizes toxins and therefore lemon help detoxification in the liver.


You can also use licorice to cure liver problems like non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Licorice root has been used in folk medicine from long time now and working as cough expectorant and weight loss aid as well.


As per Ayurveda, both the papaya fruit and its seeds are tremendous treatments for fatty liver disease. Papaya is storehouse of nutrients and is rich in vitamin B and antioxidant vitamins like A, C, and E. It is also rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium, and also has fiber. Papaya has a protective effect against heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

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Health Benefits of Strawberry

The Garden Strawberry or the strawberry is the most widely cultivated berry throughout the globe. One of the things we all look forward to eat in the summer is strawberries which are also known as the queen of fruits in Asian countries for all the health benefits they provide. This little red fruit is so versatile that you can add it to your breakfast, salads, desserts or simply on its own as light snack.

Nutritional Value:

Strawberries are great treat to the taste buds, eyes and senses. Apart from being so delicious, these berries are tremendous source of nutrition too. They are very rich sources of vitamins A, B, C and also contain great amounts of calcium, phosphorous, potassium, carbohydrates and lots more. They are also rich in Folic acid which helps in preventing birth related defects.

Health Benefits:

Promote eye health: 

The antioxidant properties in strawberries may also help to prevent blindness in old age. Our eyes need vitamin C to safeguard from exposure of free radicals from the sun harsh UV rays which can damage the protein in the lens. Vitamin C also plays vital role in strengthening the eye cornea and retina.


Due to the anti inflammatory impact of quercetin consuming strawberries may help alleviate symptoms of allergies such as runny nose, watery eyes and hives.  Although there have been no human studies done to prove it.

Arthritis and Gout:

The degeneration of muscles and tissues the drying up of the fluid which helps increase mobility of the joints and the accumulation of toxic substances and acids in the body are few of the negative effects of free radicals. These are the primary causes of arthritis and gout which are two extremely irritating and debilitating conditions.


Adequate folic acid intake is vital for pregnant women in order to protect against neural tube defects in infants.


Folate may also help with depression by preventing excess of homocysteine from forming in the body which can prevent blood and few other nutrients from reaching the brain. Excess homocysteine interferes with the production of the feel good hormones serotonin dopamine and norepinephrine which regulate not only mood but sleep and appetite as well.

Help fight cancer:

Vitamin C is one of the antioxidants that can help with cancer prevention, since healthy immune system is the body best defense.


Strawberries are low glycemic index food which is high in fiber helps to regulate blood sugar and keep it stable by avoiding extreme highs and lows. Strawberries are smart fruit choice for diabetics as they have lower glycemic index compared to several other fruits.


Consuming food that are full of water content and fiber like strawberries, grapes, watermelon and cantaloupe can keep you hydrated and your bowel movements regular as well. Fiber is vital for minimizing constipation and adding bulk to the stool.


The antioxidants quercetin, kaempferol and anthocyanins have all been shown to reduce the formation of harmful blood clots associated with strokes High potassium intakes are also linked with reduced risk of stroke.

Reduce inflammation:

The antioxidants and phytochemicals present in strawberries may reduce inflammation of the joints which can further cause arthritis and can also result in heart related disease.

Regulate blood pressure and Fight bad cholesterol:

Strawberries contain potassium heart healthy nutrient. Potassium can help regulate blood pressure and may even help lower high blood pressure by acting as buffer against the negative effects of sodium.

Boost fibre:

Fibre is necessity for healthy digestion. Fibre can also aid in fighting type 2 diabetes. Fibre helps slow the absorption of sugar in the blood.

Aid in weight management:

Strawberries are naturally low in calorie, fat free as well as low in both sodium and sugar.

Promote pre- natal health:

Folate is vitamin recommended for women who are pregnant or trying to conceive and is necessary in the early stages of pregnancy to help in the development of the baby brain and spinal cord and the folic acid present in strawberries may help prevent certain birth defects.

Anti-aging properties:

Strawberries contain biotin which helps build strong hair and nails. They are also having the antioxidant acid which protects the elastic fibers in our skin to prevent sagging.

Promote eye health:

Consuming fruit like strawberries may lower the risk of macular degeneration which is condition resulting in vision loss.

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Top Foods Highest in Vitamin C

Vitamin C contains nutrient needed by human body for development and maintenance of scar tissue, blood vessels as well as cartilage. As being powerful antioxidant vitamin C helps reduce oxidative stress to the body and is thought to lower cancer risk as well.

This is vital and naturally occurring nutrient which prevents cold and flu and boosting the body ability to synthesize calcium. Vitamin C is something we all need on regular basis to maintain healthy life.

Vitamin C to support brain function, heals from injuries, and recovers from illness. The potent antioxidant for neutralizing free radicals and diet lacking vitamin C may lead to several health problems over time. In fact, the Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine recommends that we all eat food having vitamin C on a daily basis. Men need about 90 mg and women need around 75 mg every day.

Foods High in Vitamin C

  1. Strawberries

One of the tastiest and healthiest berries available on the planet strawberries is extremely high in vitamin C. They are also high in fiber and antioxidants which are responsible for reducing oxidative stress and protecting the heart from bad cholesterol.

  1. Acerola Cherry

The acerola cherry is a small, red fruit but it is full of vitamin C and it contains about 65 times more vitamin C than an orange. Fresh and raw acerola cherries are available but if they are not in season you can also buy them in powder form.

  1. Citrus Fruits

Oranges, grapefruits, lemon and limes! Citrus fruits are full of vitamin C.

  1. Papayas

Papaya is another food high in vitamin C providing 100% of your daily needs. Try throwing some in your next smoothie or yogurt. This tremendous fruit is also high in vitamin A.

  1. Black Currant

With its dark purple hue, it is easy to imagine that this fruit would be high in vitamin C. Black currants contains plenty of potassium, iron, vitamin B5 and phytochemicals.

  1. Kiwi

It may surprise you that this small bright green fruit from New Zealand has more vitamin C compared to orange! They are also high in flavonoids and having as much potassium as banana. Studies have shown that children who consume these vitamin C rich fruits experience stronger respiratory tract compared to children who do not consume it at all.

  1. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are another vital food high in vitamin C as well as beta carotene. These colorful veggies have been studied for cardio protective benefits and have also been shown to prevent cataracts, blood clots and may even reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. All bell peppers are rich in vitamin C but yellow and red peppers have most.

  1. Guava

This exotic fruit is another tremendous vitamin C food. They are also very rich in dietary fiber, folic acid, potassium and manganese which make guavas one of the best super foods which must be added to your diet.

  1. Brussels Sprouts

While not everyone favorite food Brussels sprouts have tremendous reputation as great source of vitamin C. Brussels sprouts are also very rich in vitamin K, folate, vitamin A, manganese, potassium as well as dietary fiber.

  1. Melons

Many melons also contain vitamin C as well as plenty of vitamin A and potassium. Additionally, watermelon is another vital source of vitamin C.

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Treat Acidity with Ayurveda

Acidity is condition in which stomach finds excessive acidic secretion in the body and is also referred as Amalpitta in ayurveda. Ama is the main acidic perpetrator. In acidity, there are three kinds of doshic imbalances which can occur due to interventions of vata, kalpa or both of these. To keep check on these imbalances, you can rely on ayurvedic treatment for acidity. Ulcer is common complaint from acidity and this blog will be useful for those looking for ayurvedic treatment for ulcer.

Some of the ayurvedic treatments for acidity

  1. Chewing tulsi leaves can give a big relief from acidity by calming down the burning sensation and gas.
  2. Keep jaggery or gurr in your mouth and slowly suck it till the time acidity caves in.
  3. Eat banana, cucumber and water melon on an hourly basis.
  4. You can also go for coriander seeds and aniseed or sauf to get instant relief from acidity.
  5. Drink lemon juice with addition of equal amounts of salt and sugar.
  6. Coconut water is one of the natural remedies of acidity if consumed 4 to 5 times a day.

Ayurveda for Acidity

  • Chewing harad (terminilian chebula) after every meal is one of the popular ayurvedic remedies for acidity.
  • Raw garlic is the arch enemy of acidity. let it do the job for you!
  • Mix 1 table of chebulic myroblan with one tablespoon of amla juice and drink it daily.
  • Maintain an upright position for some time after meals.
  • Mix 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoon of honey in a glass of water and drink it before meals.
  • Mint juice is another element in ayurveda treatment for acidity.
  • Reduce your diet.
  • Exercising is highly recommended. So after every meal, walk, twist and twirl!
  • Whenever you feel heartburn or acidic, eat some almonds.
  • Make sure that your diet is a combination of all tastes instead of focus on just one taste.
  • Drink cold milk to receive instant relief from heartburn and acidity.
  • Food rich in fibre such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, pulses and seeds must be consumed. They help in digestion.
  • Acidic food such as pickles, vinegar, tamarinds and curds should be avoided during an acidity attack.
  • Besides following all the above mentioned ayurevda tips for acidity, you can bring about certain changes in your eating habits and lifestyle.
  • Fatty and oil food having acidic contents should be avoided while your ayurveda treatment for acidity cure is in process.
  • Try to avoid drinking water immediately after eating.
  • Lessen the intake of tea and coffee and avoid smoking. An elevated sleeping posture is really beneficial. By elevated we mean that your head and shoulders should be comforted on a high pillow.

Ayurveda is widely used for the instant relief that it is known to provide. Majority of the ayurvedic medicines for acidity are home based and that is what makes it all the more easy to follow and dependable as well. Ayurvedic treatment for ulcer and acidity can be of huge relief as you can save yourself from the side effects of medications.

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Amazing Health Benefits of Jackfruit Seeds


Jackfruit is full of many nutrients and health benefits. It contains essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, carbohydrate, electrolytes, fiber, fat and protein. Seeds of jackfruit also contain tremendous amount of nutrition and protein. The proteins and other beneficial micronutrients in the seeds are known to keep skin diseases at bay. And the iron the seeds contain boosts blood health and even treats anemia – which is one major concern, especially for women. The seeds, which taste like potatoes when boiled, are also good for the eyes.

Benefits of Jackfruit Seeds:

Improve your complexion

Regular consumption of jackfruit seeds is not only perfect for your health but it also takes care of your skin. The high fiber content of the seed helps prevent digestive problems like constipation. Beside this, the seed acts as tremendous detoxifier that help flush out toxins away from your body and it helps improve your complexion.

Give you flawless skin

You will need to soak few jackfruit seeds in a mixture of milk and honey and after some time grind these seeds into a fine paste. Now apply this paste evenly on the face and allow it dry and wash it after 15 minutes minimum. Do this frequently to achieve flawless skin.

Prevent brittle hair and improve your eyesight

Being loaded with vitamin A, jackfruit seeds help maintain perfect eye sight and can also prevent diseases like night blindness. Beside this, as you may probably know that vitamin A is tremendous for your hair health as it prevent dry and brittle hair.

Prevent anaemia

Deficiency of iron may cause anaemia, therefore, consuming jackfruit seed can help you prevent anemia as they are having plenty of iron that is essentially needed for your body.

Improve Digestive Health

Traditional medicine suggests that powdered jackfruit seeds can treat constipation and other digestive issues. The seeds are also rich sources of dietary fiber, which makes them all the more important for digestive health.

Enhance Sexual Pleasure

Certain sources state that the iron in the seeds can stimulate sexual pleasure. In fact, jackfruit seeds have been used in traditional Asian medicine to treat sexual disorders. The seeds can be roasted like chestnut and are considered an aphrodisiac by some experts.

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Few Home Remedies for Emergencies


There are plenty of home treatments that can be impactful in an emergency. First Aid is the temporary help provided to an injured or a sick person before professional medical treatment is arranged. First aid kits and medicines come handy in such circumstances and in fact there can be something even better and that is nothing but a home remedy which has its own advantages.

Children are prone to minor injuries, cuts, bruises, cold, cough, skin problems and many more. You can look after yourself and take precautions however everything fails sooner or later when it comes to children. They may bring home bruises even when you are not expecting them. So you must always stay prepared for such emergencies as much as you want to avoid them.

It is always there in the comfort of your home and you need not visit a drug store in a hurry whenever an emergency arises. Moreover it is an impactful and economic option. All you need to do is to know about such home remedies so that you rapidly and conveniently use the right remedy at the right time. There are few really simple home remedies that can fix these ailments. Below are few home remedies all parents should know.

Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is a warehouse of healing properties and can be very impactful in treating your child cold. The spice has been long used for its medical benefits and drinking turmeric mixed in warm milk can be greatly impactful and provide quick relief to your child.

Lemon Juice

Nothing can be more irritating for your child than motion sickness and when you got your child suffering from motion sickness? No need to be panic just as yet and ask your children to suck on some lemons to soothe the uneasy feeling and sickness. Motion sickness usually happens due to the large production of saliva and sucking lemon helps dry out the mouth and help curbing motion sickness.


The great part with honey is that most kids just love it. It is one of the perfect natural remedy to help treat sore throat. Even ayurveda recommends spoonful of honey to fight off the germs which caused sore throat and your kids are not going to complain about it anymore.


Sugar soothes the nerve muscles that cause the diaphragm to contract and spasm therefore stopping the hiccups. So the next time your kid suffers hiccup attack, just give him/her a spoonful of sugar.


Adding oatmeal to your kid bath will help treat itchy skin and this remedy is tremendously useful when your kid contracts chicken pox. Chicken pox causes your child to get restlessness and cranky because of the itchy pox but nothing can be done about it. An oatmeal bath can provide rapid relief to your child during chickenpox.

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Home Remedies to Cure Problem of Excessive Sweating

Sweating is already great troublesome issue and just imagine it when few people sweat excessive compared to other people. Yes, few people sweat excessively and more than as compared to others. First of all, let us learn why people sweat in the first place and we have thousands of sweat creating glands and eccrine glands that generate sweat when the body temperature goes up.  The nervous system stimulates the eccrine glad to generate sweat and sweat glands can also get stimulated by hormonal changes, stress, anxiety or fear. Now, the amount of sweat entirely depends on plenty of factors like genes, age and fitness level.

In case you are sweating faster and more often compared to others then you are healthier and more fit than others because fit people sweat easier than unfit people as their body heats up early and therefore the nervous system stimulate the sweat glands to create more sweat.

Below are few home remedies for excessive sweat that can help you cure the problem of excessive sweat.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can help you balance the pH level of your body if consumed while the astringent like properties of apple cider vinegar can help control sweating.

  • Mix two parts of apple cider vinegar and one part honey to a glass of water and have it daily. One glass is enough to balance out the pH levels of your body.
  • You can add two tablespoons to your bathing water and bathe with it or you can also apply some apple cider vinegar on your face with a cotton ball before going to bed. Bathing with vinegar will help you for the body sweat. (armpits, elbow folds, and other body parts from where you sweat).


Due to having alkaline behavior potatoes can help balance the pH level of body while the low acidic compound can cure excessive sweating.

  • You can apply slice of potato on the affected area and then wash off with cold water after sometime.
  • You can extract some potato juice and apply it on the affected area with a cotton ball.

Green Tea or Black Tea

Green tea and black tea has astringent properties when applied directly onto the skin.

  • Boil some tea bags in water. Add this water in a bucket full of water and bathe with it. Regular doing this will help you get rid of excessive of sweat.
  • You can make ice cubes of black or green tea, just don’t add sugar and rub those cubes on your face.

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