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Panchkarma is one of the most popular and time-proven ayurvedic procedures that covers restoring balance in the three doshas of the body leading to better health and longevity. Panchkarma has no side-effects and brings considerable improvement in the mind and body. Based on the medical history and wellness goals, panchkarma is customised to bring best outcomes for the patients.

India’s Gift To the World: Panchkarma Treatment

Panchkarma Perfected Over The years

Every fit person should benefit from Panchkarma at least once a year to bring back the balance in the body. While depending on the medical history, doctors may recommend more sessions as per assessment.

Benefits of Panchkarma

Detoxification is one of the most well-known benefits of panchkarma. Panchkarma helps in removing all toxins from the body and rejuvenate the entire balance.

Panchkarma improves the metabolism rate in the body leading to improvement in body’s own capability to maintain balance.

As the body’s metabolism and digestion improves, weight reduction is an added benefit of Panchkarma

Panchkarma helps in improvement in digestive disorders. With Panchkarma, one can enhance and strengthen the digestive system.

Stress Relief is an excellent benefit with Panchkarma. It helps to bring balance in the mind and bring positivity.

Panchkarma strengthens the immune system and helps you fight cold and other diseases.

Panchkarma Experience
At Lavanya Ayurveda

Pre Panchkarma

Our doctors will perform an evaluation and offer counseling to prepare you for the procedure. Some additional procedures may be performed to prepare the body for panchkarma.


Panchkarma is performed by our expert under the supervision of the doctor. Cleansing procedures are first explained and performed to ensure patients are comfortable through out the procedure

Post Panchkarma

We follow a rigorous followup plan to ensure patients benefit from the procedure. A diet plan and simple exercises are recommended to increase the efficacy of the procedure.


We offer Panchkarma customised for a wide range of medical conditions like diabetes, PCOS, migraine, infertility, immunity and more. Speak to our counsellor for best panchkarma plans for you.

Panchkarma Treatment At Lavanya Ayurveda

Lavanya Ayurveda offers one of the most effective panchkarma treatment in Lucknow. Offered under the supervision of our doctors, the procedure covers pre-panchkarma, panchkarma and post-panchkarma protocols which ensure best results.